Dec. 5th, 2016

floatingleaf: (hutz)
Still working on updating my music collection. <3 Yesterday, I accidentally discovered this glorious piece of insanity:

Goran Bregovic, better known as an international film score composer than as a former rocker from the former Yugoslavia, in cooperation with Eugene Hutz, best known as the Ukrainian Gypsy punk rocker from New York.:D I had no idea they wrote (and performed) two songs together - though they are obviously a perfect artistic match, in many ways. Too bad they didn't do an entire album...

I'm too tired for a proper post tonight, but I just wanted to share this, because it made me LOL and basically turned a gray, murky December Sunday into a world music dance party.:) If you are too new to this journal to remember any of my enthusiastic posts about Hutz and his band Gogol Bordello, just take my word for this right now: I am a HUGE fan. *points at icon* ;D

(And a link to their website, just because:
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