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Not much to report regarding the past few days... except the fact I seem to have done some damage to my right hand as a result of too much scrolling.:/ You know, going through pages of job ads on a daily basis etc. Well, if I am to be totally honest, I've been doing even more scrolling in the evenings, while going through Tumblr.;) The thing is, other sites I frequent (like LJ, for example) have mostly text content with occasional images - so you go down the page relatively slowly. Tumblr, on the other hand, contains mostly images with occasional text - so you pretty much keep scrolling all the time. And, as I have just found out, repeatedly making that tiny, specific motion with your middle finger (*LOL*) over extended periods of time can result in some swelling/inflammation at the base of said finger.:( Typing doesn't exactly make it worse... but it doesn't help either. So I may keep my entries here brief for a while as I try to give my hand time to recover. (And yes, I've taken a break from Tumblr, NOT from perusing job ads - because I am a motherfucking ADULT, dammmit. *sulks proudly for a few minutes* ;)

I also seem to have added three new people to my friends list as a result of a "friendzy" promoted by [livejournal.com profile] meathiel. It was totally unplanned - I hardly ever participate in those things - but seeing as my flist consists mostly of abandoned journals I can't make myself remove "in case those people ever come back", perhaps it wasn't such a bad idea.:) After all, reading people's journals is my favorite way of socializing (not even kidding here, though you may perhaps wish I was...:P). So... hello. Welcome to my strange little corner of teh interwebz.;) My life is very much in flux at the moment, and I devote a lot of attention to various ways of dealing with the uncertainty of change (my growing interest in holistic healing and spirituality seems to be a huge part of that).

In other news, autumn has arrived - and I'm not sure how I feel about that. On one hand, saying goodbye to the latest tropical heatwave is a relief; but on the other, the end of summer always feels kind of melancholy to me. It's the Seasonal Affective Disorder - SAD for short (same as Standard American Diet, which is even sadder, if you think about it). In addition, I might soon need to shop for some new clothes & shoes - though it is rather uncertain whether I can actually afford them, without another cash infusion from my parents. Which is also kind of sad, for other reasons.

I will stop rambling now. I promise I can talk about interesting stuff sometimes. Other times, though, I prefer to read what other people have to say.:P And so, good night.
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