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Finished reading Fool's Quest this morning. What do I do now??? I mean, I have several unread books at home in paper form, as well as several in mind that I've been meaning to download... but right now, I don't want any of them. I want THIS ONE. Or rather, the next one in the series - which isn't coming out until next summer. And OF COURSE, this one ends on a cliffhanger. ARRRRRGHHHHHWHYYYYYY???... How do I deal??? [livejournal.com profile] tindomerel, I need a hug. *sniff* ;)

Also, it's definitely fall now. I went out yesterday without a jacket - then ended up buying one, because it got really cold as the sun went down, and I was a long bus ride away from home. In my defense, it's a really plain and versatile (as well as inexpensive) black fleece jacket that can be worn indoors as well as outdoors, and I'm sure I'll get some use out of it. While I was at it, I also bought two nice sweaters and... a summer skirt, which was on clearance. No, I didn't need another summer skirt. Especially now. But... it was purple (in a nice geometric pattern of black, white & purple, to be precise), and it called my name. Also, it goes perfectly well with my new purple sweater - so I might even wear it with warm tights and boots and jacket, if I really can't wait.:P

I hope the heating in my building will be turned on soon. I don't have a thermometer at home, but my coconut oil has solidified - which means it must be at least as cold in here as it is inside a grocery store.:D Which is slightly below my comfort level. *shivers*

I just did an hour of yoga, which probably means I will wake up all stiff and achy tomorrow. I am such a wimp. My strength, balance and flexibility leave a hell of a lot to be desired. *snort* But I am trying - and yoga appeals to me more than any other form of exercise, because it combines physical and spiritual practice into one. And I could definitely use a stronger connection between the body and the mind. I've been neglecting the body - while overworking the mind - for much of my life, and it just isn't doing me any good. It's not about fitness or a sleek figure; I just want to feel at home within myself, with all my flaws and infirmities. Just to stretch and breathe. It gives me a whole new sense of peace. In a perfect world, I would do it every day. I've never been able to sustain the habit long term, though. Sometimes I wonder if my life would have been totally different if I had. And I think the reason I haven't is because I never truly understood the spiritual benefits of consistent yoga practice. Until now...

Also, if I am to believe the early signs, I might be getting another period soon. Which would be perfectly normal timing - if not for the "bonus" one I mentioned before, which happened two weeks ago. *sigh* So apparently now I am menstruating twice a month.:| I just hope I don't have to put up with that shit for the next decade. I'd rather get the menopause early and be done with it. Seriously. Enough is enough. *pouts*

Damn, but it's chilly in here. Going to make myself another mug of hot tea... then dive under the duvet.:D

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Date: 2015-10-02 02:39 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] meathiel.livejournal.com
You weather seems to have changed very quickly ... weren't you complaining about the heat just recently?

I feel you on the book thing ... happens to me quite often that I read a series and can't wait for the next one to come out!

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Date: 2015-10-03 03:25 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] floatingleaf.livejournal.com
Well... it wasn't all that recently, I think.;) But yes, the weather tends to change very quickly around here. You can experience two seasons in a single day, sometimes...

And I should just make a rule to not even start reading a series until it's finished.;)

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Date: 2015-10-03 09:39 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] meathiel.livejournal.com
Haha ... I agree with that.
From: [identity profile] tindomerel.livejournal.com
*hug* :)

I know!!!! I can't wait for a year for the conclusion... and I'm so scared of what will happen... BUT I was so happy about several things about this book and how Fool seemed to get some of his/her spark back towards the end.

Maybe you need to read The Liveship Traders & Rain Wild Chronicles while waiting? Of course they are not the same, not at all but they are interesting enough and at least there's Amber in The Liveship Traders. In my opinion those books aren't nearly as good as the ones about Fitz & Fool. Well, I'm biased of course because Fitz & Fool =LOVE, but also because there are several different main characters in them and none of them particularly likable (or maybe a few but they go through a bit weird stuff during the books and it's difficult to really follow through as they change so much). However, they explain a lot about the world and I loved reading them because I thought "these things are meaningful to the Fool" and "Fool would be so excited about this!" LOL. I know I'm a bit crazy that way...
From: [identity profile] floatingleaf.livejournal.com
I was so happy about several things about this book and how Fool seemed to get some of his/her spark back

Yes yes! The spark is definitely back! With a capital "S". ;D

That's what I was thinking. I'm gonna start with the Liveship Traders, to find out all about Amber and her "secret life" that Fitz knows nothing of.:P

I know I'm a bit crazy that way...

I think we are both crazy in similar ways.:)

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Date: 2015-10-03 04:55 pm (UTC)
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From: [identity profile] zofia333.livejournal.com
What a bother about your period, ugh. I'm in the throws of perimenopause, and what's killing me is the increased irritability. I've always been quick to anger, but it has increased 10-fold and mostly to irrational triggers. Have to often talk myself down from the ledge during the monthlies. It's weird feeling so out of control, knowing it's just the hormones going wonky, but there's little to be done. Argh.

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Date: 2015-10-04 01:33 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] floatingleaf.livejournal.com
I feel ya. Hormonal irritability can be such a pain. I'm not an angry type, myself (more of a grumpy/sulky type, LOL) - but I used to have awful PMS where I would literally shake with irritation over the smallest things. I think changing my diet (reducing sugars and grains) helped a lot with that. So did meditation. And getting enough sleep. And eliminating caffeine. All these things have reduced my general anxiety, regardless of which part of the cycle I am currently in - so they have also helped with the hormonal mood swings. I still get weepy sometimes - but I hardly ever feel like I want to strangle someone, and that's an improvement.:)
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