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Here's a list of annoying/frustrating things about this weekend:

1) My toilet is backed up. I flushed it this morning and got at least a gallon of water all over the bathroom floor.:/ Then, when most of the water that was still inside the toilet bowl went down, I flushed it again - just to see if by any chance it got "unstuck" all by itself. Well... it didn't. So, even more water all over the bathroom floor. After that, I resigned myself to peeing into the little plastic caddy that holds my toilet brush (the closest thing to a "chamber pot" I could think of... LOL) and emptying it into the sink. Fortunately, when I called the maintenance emergency line, they said they will be able to send someone over tomorrow morning to fix it (if I had called earlier, they might have sent someone today; but I needed to take a bath first, before I could allow anyone to come into the apartment; and I took my time with it, because my sore upper back absolutely required a serious Epsom salt soak... and by the time I was done and got on the phone, they said no-one was available until tomorrow). Which definitely beats having to wait till Monday. On the plus side, my bathroom is squeaky clean now, after I've mopped up all that water, and scrubbed down the tub and sink while I was at it. Otherwise, I'm sure I would have found some excuse to put off cleaning for another week...

2) Daylight Savings Time starts tonight. Which means that on Monday I have to get up at what will effectively feel like 4:30 a.m. I honestly don't know how I am going to cope.

3) It is still so damn cold. Doesn't even feel like early spring anymore - just full-on winter weather. So yes, I am totally wearing the brand new winter boots that I bought on clearance (which are wonderfully warm and comfy, I have to say, and definitely a great bargain). Even though most clothing stores are already selling shorts and swimsuits...

4) My sinuses are totally gunked up, and I don't quite know if it's due to the cold, or the two packets of soy sauce I had last night. I got some takeout sushi from the nice little restaurant that's on my way home from work, and since I had run out of coconut aminos (which is a wonderfully yummy and gluten-free soy sauce replacement), I decided to just use regular soy sauce instead. I figured such a tiny amount of gluten wasn't going to kill me. And sure enough - it didn't kill me. It just made my nose run a marathon all day long.:/ Unless I am coming down with something... or perhaps my sinuses were irritated by the small pieces of jalapeno peppers inside the sushi rolls. Or I added too much wasabi. Whatever the cause, it's annoying.

5) I can't find a decent pair of pants in my size. I just can't. I have literally ONE pair that I can wear to work - and even that is a bit loose right now. But everywhere I go shopping, I see only "skinny pants". I DETEST skinny pants - and I am under the impression that clothing manufacturers all over the planet have collectively decided to stop making any other kind. I just want a plain pair of jeans or slacks with a straight leg all the way down (a bit of a flare at the bottom would be nice, but I can see all too clearly that is too much to ask these days). Not freaking leggings that pretend to be jeans, thank you very much. I don't care how "fashionable" they are. They're gross. Period. While I am a size 4, I do NOT have a washboard stomach, and do not wish to advertise that fact to the entire human population. And wearing ridiculously long sweaters/shirts over those glorified leggings is just too reminiscent of the eighties for my taste. I am of Hobbit height, and I like wearing "cropped" tops, because the "regular length" ones tend to drop down to my knees - which is just ugly. So I am decidedly unimpressed by today's "high fashion". *snort*

And now it's really late, and I can't be bothered to counteract this negative list with a positive one (I was going to, I swear, but I'm too tired). So, once again, please excuse my grumpiness. I'm sure it's a temporary relapse, not a permanent return to my cranky old self. Once I am able to use my toilet again like a normal civilized person, and once I am again able to breathe through the mucus clogging my airways, I will be all sweetness and light - I promise. And now, let's try to get some sleep...
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