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I called in sick today. My period is relatively mild this time, all things considered - but still, I felt very sluggish in the morning and couldn't quite make myself get up... plus, there isn't much of anything going on at work right now, so I have zero guilt about taking a day to chill out.:P

And, since I have been neglecting LJ of late, I'm going to use the extra time to start another meme.:) Another 30-day meme, actually. It's a bit different from the one I finished recently. Some questions are similar - so I will skip those. Anyway... here's the full list of topics (stolen, this time, from [livejournal.com profile] goddessofchaos):

ANOTHER 30-day meme, for God's sake! )
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I just realized I never finished my 30-day-meme - the one I've been doing, on and off, since 2010 - and there is only ONE topic left to finish it, and it just so happens that the topic fits with something I felt like sharing anyway. So, in the vein of happy coincidences, there you go.

Day 30 – One last moment, in great detail )

On an unrelated note (or perhaps not really), I have been rediscovering one of my favorite bands. The Waterboys. I just realized I only had an old, creaky cassette tape with some tracks from that legendary first album, Fisherman's Blues. So I looked them up on my fave download site (Soundike.com), and found a few gorgeous songs I had never heard before. Including this one:

I have a feeling a few people on my flist might really love it.:D

And another one - a live performance this time, because it's amazingly vibrant in this particular clip:

The sensual and the spiritual, combined. The very essence of the universe. I must be attracting some incredibly good energies lately for some reason...;)
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Anybody remember the 30-day-meme?... Yes, the one I started back in 2010, I think. *headshake* I do want to finish it, and I have only two topics left... so why not "do" one tonight?

Day 29 - Your aspirations, in great detail )
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So what's new here? Well, for one, I'm roasting, like much of the northern hemisphere at the moment. My room is a perfect little toaster oven, with the sun beating down on the windows from about 5 till 8 p.m. every day. The curtains are drawn, the A/C unit is roaring, and it still feels swampy. Oh joy. *wipes brow*

Oh, and I broke the big standing fan in the kitchen. It was always in the way, and I kept tripping over the metal crossbars that support it, and they gradually got bent out of shape, and finally one day the whole thing just crashed to the floor, and now it's dead.:/ Just in time for the massive heatwave we're having.:| I could buy a new one, of course - but lugging such a huge thing around without a car is really too much of a hassle, and a smaller one isn't going to help much anyway. The waist-high tower fan I put next to my bed at night (still need it, even with the A/C running) isn't strong enough to make any difference in the kitchen - so the kitchen has basically become a no-go zone. And the bathroom is a steam-room, of course - so unless I'm taking a cool shower, I rather try not to spend too much time in there, either.

Oh, and last night I blew the power circuit, because apparently I can't have my electric kettle AND the A/C unit on at the same time.:/ Read more... )

As you may have gathered from the above, there isn't much going on here at the moment. I might just as well attempt another installment of the neverending 30-day meme...

Day 28 - Something that you miss, in great detail )
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It's still cold, dammit. Not as bad as it was a few days ago, but WAY too cold for June.:/ I'm beginning to wonder if I'll get to wear my summer clothes at all this year...

Not much else to report at the moment. Might just as well try to get on with the woefully neglected 30-day meme...

Day 27 - Your favorite place, in great detail )
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Sunny and bright today, though still very cold. My errands were uneventful - by which I mean there was no need to pray for the miraculous ability to walk on water.;P The only thing out of the ordinary that I noticed was the little river running through my neighborhood. I have never seen it so high. But it wasn't spilling onto the streets - at least not where I looked. If I walked a mile or so towards the lake, I would probably see flooded areas - but I was too tired for such experimental hikes. Going to see my chiropractor involves lots of walking as it is - and then I still had to lug in the groceries. Once that was done, I took a nap.;)

And now I know exactly what I want to do with my evening. I'm going to write the next installment of the perpetually unfinished 30-day meme.:)

Day 26 – Your fears, in great detail )
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Again, the weekend slipped away before I managed to sit my ass down and make a proper post.:/ I hate when that happens. And I can't even say I've been extremely busy. In fact, I totally meant to post last night - except I decided to get the weekend cooking out of the way instead, since I "had the time", and then I watched a movie... and then it was late and I was tired. And today I decided that since I had done the cooking already, I should take care of laundry. But before that, I also decided to call my friend Dorota in Poland, since she had sent me a whole bunch of emails in the past few weeks, to which I hadn't so far managed to respond, and she was beginning to worry about my prolonged silence. So I called, and we talked for almost TWO HOURS... again. *headshake* Don't get me wrong - I love her to bits, and it's always nice to catch up, but that girl can TALK. She is one of the most chatty, eloquent, "wordy" people I have ever met. It's virtually impossible to end a conversation with her; we begin saying our goodbyes, and suddenly, in the midst of that, she's off on another 15-minute tangent.:D So yeah... that was a bit time-consuming.;) I've also exchanged a bunch of comments with VC people over on Dreamwidth. Which is always exciting. You know, when you're so pathologically nuts about a fandom, you want to TALK to people about it - and my friend Dorota, a sweetheart though she is, doesn't quite get my strange fascination with gay vampires, so I don't want to torture her with it.;)

Anyway... I have generally failed at LJ interaction as a result, but I will try to catch up a bit during the week. Now I just really wanted to post something before I go to bed, because, well... just because.:P Also, I have an idea for the next installment of the 30-day meme.

Day 25 - A first, in great detail )
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Anybody remember the 30-day meme?... The one I've been doing for the past few years?... Probably not. But never mind. Here's the next installment anyway.

Day 24 – Something that makes you cry, in great detail )
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A weekend without a proper post is a wasted weekend, non?... So now that I've had some decent sleep, and taken care of some basic household tasks, let's attempt another installment of the 30 day meme.

Day 23 – Something that makes you feel better, in great detail )
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Since I seem to be on a roll, posting-wise, let's do another installment of the never-ending 30 day meme...

Day 22 – Something that upsets you, in great detail )
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So, I found this old journal of mine in a bedroom drawer in my parents' house. I had started writing in it while I still lived in Poland, and I took it with me when I moved to the US. It's rather angsty and depressing, for the most part, but it also mentions something magical I hadn't thought about in a long time. Something that happened during my first trip to Greece (in 1996). And I think it's a perfect topic for the next installment of the fabled 30-day meme...

Day 21 - Another moment, in great detail )
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Because the month is almost over, and because I'm having the "scattered brain syndrome" again, let's try to facilitate this post by making it the next installment of the 30-day-meme.

Day 20 - This month, in great detail )
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I wonder if I've ever made three LJ posts in a single day. I don't think so. This will be a first, then. Because I am on a roll, and I've been thinking about the next installment of the 30-day meme...

Day 19 – Something you regret, in great detail )
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I seem to be on a roll with the silly meme thing. Here goes another installment:

Day 18 - Your favorite birthday, in great detail )
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Now, here's what I had originally planned to post today - before I decided upon the ill-fated shopping trip.:) The next installment of the 30-day meme.

Day 17 – Your favorite memory, in great detail )
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So, how about I try to change the topic and see how that goes?...;) Anybody remember the fabled 30-day meme?... Not the one that's been going around my flist of late, but the one I started back in 2010?... (yes, that's correct, I haven't managed to finish the thing in two years, LOL) Of course not, I presume. So here's the full list of topics once again:

30-day meme )

And here's my current installment:

Day 16 - Your first kiss, in great detail )
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So, um, another week rolled by. And nothing really changed - except for the weather. As in, someone "up there" in the heavens must have decided to skip the whole "Indian summer" thing this year and move right into the proper cold season. After some nasty, freezing torrential rains, the sun is back, but accompanied by a sharp, chilly breeze, eerily reminiscent of November.:/ And, obviously, the heating isn't on yet - so I'm sitting here with my little space heater for company, wearing thick fleece and guzzling hot tea by the bucket. This is, of course, a little bit of a shock to the system after the blazing hot summer that felt like it would never end. Not that I necessarily want it back... but some sort of a more gradual transition would be nice, you know?... *sigh*

For some reason, several different people on my flist have been talking about their dreams lately... and, incidentally, dreams are the next topic in my almost-forgotten, never-ending 30 day meme (which will probably take me something like 30 years to finish, judging by the frequency of relevant entries so far). So let's try to tackle that for a change...;)

Day 15 - Your dreams, in great detail )


Aug. 5th, 2012 09:45 pm
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Well, Mother Nature, thanks ever so much for FINALLY letting my period begin. Especially considering the fact I've been "feeling it coming" since last Saturday (not yesterday - the one before). I just have no fucking clue what to expect anymore. Last month, I had no PMS to speak of - the day I started feeling a bit cranky was the day I started bleeding, and by the next morning I was fine. I actually remember boasting to my chiropractor that I had it all figured out - I just need to eat my veggies, my fresh greens and fruits every day, and my monthly cycle will become a breeze. Well... that was a study in wishful thinking, it seems. )

But enough about that. Let's do another installment of the 30-day meme, since the next topic is ridiculously easy.:P As well as repetitive, for whatever reason.

Day 14 - What you wore today, in great detail )
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There's a cool breeze today, believe it or not. A COOL BREEZE. After a week of relentless, scorching heat, it feels like manna from heaven. Of course, it would be too good to be true if the cool breeze actually decided to enter my apartment. I turned the a/c off, opened the windows and... nothing. The air inside remained warm and sticky, like it usually is during the summer.:/ So now the a/c is back on, blowing away and probably generating a massive electric bill.:( Btw, it's been on most of the time for the past few days - except when I was at work, that is - and it still hasn't achieved the set temperature of 77F/25C (which is the perfect room temperature for me). I have set it up to automatically stop cooling once it reaches that temperature, and then to just maintain it. Obviously, we're not there yet (though I'm guessing that would be more or less the outside temperature at the moment). In other words, a third-floor apartment with bad ventilation and no central a/c is not the smartest choice if you live in a place with very hot summers. But then, it was winter when I moved in here, and all I cared about was a warm and cozy little nook (which it totally is). One can't have everything, obviously. And considering that Chicago winters last much longer than Chicago summers, it could have been worse. Still, at this time of year an actual draft of cool air from a window would be nice... *sigh*

And since I clearly lack the mental capacity for ambitious topics at the moment, here's a quick & easy installment of the 30-day meme:

Day 12 - What's in your bag, in great detail )
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Ahhh... FINALLY. *plops down into chair with relish* My legs got quite a workout today from all the running around. First the chiropractic appointment, then the weekly grocery trips, then the cooking... I had thought of buying a "quick fix" dinner for tonight, so I wouldn't have to cook until tomorrow - but I didn't see anything appealing at the local store, and was too tired to venture anywhere else. Ever since I started paying attention to what I ingest (which is, generally, a very good idea :), I have realized that most "quick fixes" available at an average American grocery store are either outright poisonous or highly suspicious at best.:/ Sometimes just reading the ingredient list can give you the hives. For example, today I looked at a plastic container of soup that included, among (an endless list of) other things, propylparaben. Or was it methylparaben?... Anyway - it was either one of the two, and yes, I am talking about the famous evil chemicals that are common in makeup/cosmetics. I have been trying, for a few years, to avoid those particular ingredients (among others) in my facial creams, soaps and hair products, at least - but this is the first time I have actually seen any of them in FOOD. This is downright creepy. *shudders* Forget high-fructose corn syrup, "modified" food starch and "partially hydrogenated" oils (all present in a tasty-looking potato salad that I almost bought... LOL) - here someone really went for the kill.:/ Seriously... this should be illegal. And I bet that in most other countries, it is. But I happen to live in a land of glorious liberties, where corporations, factory farms, laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and other shady establishments are free to poison people with impunity. Just like they are free to poison the soil, air, water and everything therein. It's good business, you know? :(

Anyway... *steps off soapbox* No need to preach to the choir here.:) How about I do the next installment of the 30-day meme instead?...

Day 09 - Your beliefs, in great detail )
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