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Well, since this has become somewhat of a tradition...

new one



Yes, this man is now 56 years old. Miracles happen. ;D
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Happy Birthday, [livejournal.com profile] meathiel! Here's a nice pic for you:


All in black. Gothy Viggo, if you please.;)

Also, I may or may not have mentioned this, but the DreamWidth community for Vampire Chronicles fans has livened up a bit, and I check it out pretty much every day, so as not to miss anything. So if I am unusually quiet over here, this may be why.

Another reason may be that I have started watching Lost. I know, I know - it's over now, and everybody saw it ages ago. But I don't really "do" TV shows, and had no plans to change that - until my sister started bugging me to give this one a try. See, my sister is the one who originally "got me" into Anne Rice. Then into LOTR. Then into other gothic/fantasy authors, like Tanith Lee or Jacqueline Carey. So yeah... when my baby sis insists I am going to like something, she is usually right (she may not even realize what sinister depths of obsession I plunge into with some of her recs once I take the bait... LOL).

Anyway... Netflix has it all, and individual episodes are short enough that I can actually watch them on weeknights, without compromising my sleep schedule (unless I can't make myself press "pause" after one episode ends, because most of them end on cliffhangers... LOL). So that's what I've been doing. But I'll try not to neglect LJ too much, I promise.:)
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Happy Birthday, [personal profile] surreysmum! I know it's kinda late, but as they say, better late than never.:) I hope you had a lovely day...

Here's some Viggo for you - he's all ready for a birthday snapshot...:D

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Because the older I get, the more sentimental I become (surprised, anyone?...;), I just realized today is the 67th (!!!) birthday of a certain Polish actor I had the most severe crush on as a teenager. So I googled him, just in case there actually were some nice pics available (when I searched before, all I could find were relatively recent ones, and he hasn't aged very well... and, sadly, my collection of newspaper clippings from those ancient times when he still looked good never made it across the Atlantic) - and voila! there he is, playing Hamlet back in the sixties:

See the grainy old black-and-white photo?... *gets all teary-eyed* (yes, that was before I was born, I'm not THAT ancient yet...;P)

And then I found this: "One of Poland’s most popular actors Daniel Olbrychski celebrates 50 years on screen" (from last December):

Not bad for 67, if I say so myself.:) Fifty years on screen, and he never lost that crooked smile... Here's to another fifty in good health and spirits (and no, I am not alluding to the legendary fondness for alcohol among Polish actors in general, and this one in particular; or perhaps I am, just a little...;).

And now I really must scamper off to bed... *sigh*


Oct. 20th, 2011 10:15 pm
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First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite man:

Yes, this guy is 53 years old. Watch, world, and marvel.:D

Incidentally, I had a very nice Viggo dream this morning. cut for possible TMI ;) )
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [profile] illuins_lair!!! Just in case you somehow happen to see this post. Because life is full of surprises, after all.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [livejournal.com profile] surreysmum!!! (a little early, since it will be late by the time I manage a post tomorrow)

Here's something to make you smile - or, perhaps, swoon a little...;)

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [personal profile] dissonant_dream!!! I know I'm a bit late and you won't see this till tomorrow... but better late than never, they say.;) Massive hugs and a thousand wishes for all your dreams to come true! And here's someone ready to celebrate with you:

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [profile] illuins_lair!!! I took the liberty of inviting some guys to your party. I told them to dress nice, but you know how they are. Some serious fashion!sense issues there, if you catch my drift. *exasperated sigh* I guess you could still give them credit for trying... but it's entirely up to you whether you are going to let them in.;)

good-looking, but badly dressed men under the cut :P )
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [personal profile] surreysmum!!! I wish you swift, painless recovery, lots of exciting books & movies to enjoy and endless writing inspiration!... (from which we may all benefit ;D) Here's a little visual stimulation to get the muses going:

hot guys under the cut )
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [personal profile] gairid!!! I hope you had a blast - maybe even invited some sexy vamps over for a little drink.;P
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I LOVE the new look on him - so here's a few recent pics from The Road promo tour:

two more under the cut )
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [personal profile] dissonant_dream !!! I hope you have a blast.:) I have invited the guys below to give you some serious birthday hugs - as soon as they're finished cuddling each other, of course.:D

some pointless blabber under the cut )
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Happy Birthday, [personal profile] surreysmum!!!

I hope you had a good one. The guys below look a little lost without your loving attention, though - don't you agree?... I can almost hear Aragorn asking: "Will she ever write about us again?..." :P

No pressure, though (I just realized I might be setting myself up for a 'pot & kettle' remark with this one, LOL). I just couldn't resist, you know?... *massive hugs*
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [personal profile] romi! <333

These two pictures make me think of the Viggo and Orlando from your fics - deep and complex and devastatingly sexy.:D

I hope you have a wonderful day.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [personal profile] surreysmum!!!

I believe a certain Elf just showed up to pay his respects:

He does seem happy to see you, doesn't he?...;)

In other news, I had a peculiar dream this morning in which you came to visit. )
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [personal profile] romi!!! I hope you have a wonderful day. And I hope this little reminder of the 'good old times' will make you smile...:)

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Happy Birthday, Orlando. Stay gorgeous, and don't lose your delightful gender ambiguity, please.;)

two more under the cut )
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [livejournal.com profile] namarie120!!! I wish you a great one, and many, many happy returns! :)

And here's one of my favorite Ranger shots for your enjoyment:

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the sexiest forty-niner on the planet.:D

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