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Looks like it's been a while since I went crazy over a music band. I don't usually click "play" when people post music videos on Tumblr... but I did this time, and it was a case of instant fascination. The band is called Huldre. They play Scandinavian folk metal, and they're from Denmark. Their debut album, Intet Menneskebarn, was released in 2012. They don't seem to be well known outside of Europe, since my initial Google search didn't bring up much... but eventually I found their website: http://www.huldre.dk. You can listen to a few tracks for free on there, if you're interested. Strangely enough, I couldn't even find them on iTunes - until I clicked on the iTunes link from the band's website. That's when their album suddenly turned up in the store. It has now been purchased, downloaded and synced to my iPod - presumably to be played to death over the next few days.:)

So what's so special about this band? To me, it's mostly the vocals. Or, rather, the perfect harmony between the vocals and the instrumental arrangements. In a lot of similar bands, the overall effect tends to be ruined (for me, at least) by a male vocalist who shrieks as though he was being flayed alive. Here we have a strong, powerful, but clear female voice with amazing range, carrying gorgeous melodies that enhance the primal sound of traditional instruments (the hurdy-gurdy OMG). It's pure folk, served in metal sauce.:) Not the other way around. So, high points from me. Oh, and the lyrics are in Danish, too - which, again, sounds more authentic than the ubiquitous (and often poorly translated) English. Very refreshing.;)

In other random announcements, the new conditioner I just bought at Whole Foods (Nutrafix Hair Reconstructor by Giovanni) makes my hair look AWESOME. Now all I need is a facelift... and I can almost forget which birthday I celebrated last week.:D

Oh, and my most popular piece of Aragorn/Legolas fanfic on AO3 has reached over 3,000 hits. I mean... I can't even. I thought LOTR fandom was mostly dead by now, except for the dwarves. Just knowing that people still read A/L so much makes me almost wish I could write it again... *nostalgic sigh*

And just a tiny reminder to self before I sign off: never ever boast of the fact that your sinuses have cleared. You should know by now that as soon as you say that, they instantly become congested again. It's either due to the cold, or the heat, or the humidity, or the change of seasons, or the dust, or the pollen, or any other random trigger you can think of. There is always SOMETHING. Boil or freeze, rain or shine, the mucus production never stops. It's a fact of life. Get used to it. *weary sigh*
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Just checking in very briefly at the end of another "long" weekend that flew by in a blink. I did a lot of laundry, some shopping and some internet catchup.:) As well as read a good chunk of Robin Hobb's Assassin's Quest. And I feel absolutely compelled to announce that I now have a new favorite pairing: The Fool and The Idiot ([livejournal.com profile] tindomerel will know what I am talking about :D). They make my heart sing a silly rhyme. Whether they are actually a "slash" pairing is still open for discussion at this point - but I adore them either way, and that is all that matters. <333

Also, as I mentioned previously, I really don't feel like re-reading any of Anne Rice's stuff any more... and so I was thinking to myself, why isn't there an online community that does chapter-by-chapter discussions of Robin Hobb's books?... or, you know, Mary Renault. And guess what? As it happens, there is this brand new Mary Renault comm on Dreamwidth, and they are planning a group re-read of the two-novel series based on the myth of Theseus: The King Must Die and The Bull from the Sea. Now, HERE's something I'd absolutely LOVE to read again. If I can tear myself away from Robin Hobb, that is...;)

Well, that is the full extent of my pressing news at the moment. Bedtime.:/
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Once again, I am faced with the mystery of a 5-day weekend that passes by more quickly than a regular 2-day weekend. I've been off work since Wednesday, so of course I expected to be able to catch up on a ton of stuff... but somehow it's Sunday night already, and it feels like I've done very little. Of course, spending two days out of said five at my parents' house doing absolutely nothing certainly didn't help...

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Did I mention summer?... Well... it lasted about two days this time. For most of this week, it's been quite cold again - it even SNOWED a tiny bit yesterday. No, I am not kidding. Just a handful of flakes, really - but dear Lord. In mid-May. O_O Fortunately, the building management had turned the heating back on before the temperature dropped too much. It's been on every night/morning since then... including today. This afternoon was warmer, though... so we will see what happens next...

I have a hard time focusing at work - it is as though my brain has gone on vacation already, and keeps obsessively running through the "to do" list (or pondering what to pack - will it be warm enough for summer clothes?... will it rain?... which of my sandals are the most comfortable for walking?... etc.etc.etc.). Last night I spontaneously decided to dye my hair - well, I've been meaning to do it for a while, but lacked motivation... until I realized we will be taking pictures, and I do want to look halfway decent on at least some of them, and a nice hair-color might help.:) So I did it, and it turned out rather pretty, if I say so myself. Bright, but not too vivid for my pasty complexion.;) The shade is called "copper blonde"; I have to remember this, because I usually assume that anything saying "blonde" isn't going to come out right on me... and so I get something darker, which then turns out way too intense/purplish for my skin. My natural hair color is a rather pale greyish brown at this point - so I can pull off lighter shades than I used to. Blondish reds come out almost golden...

Anyway - I stayed up too late fiddling with the hair, then woke up too early and couldn't sleep anymore.:/ Too much excitement, I suppose. I sooo need a break from the tedious everyday routine - but, unfortunately, my body/mind has the annoying habit of translating almost any breaks in routine into anxiety. I'm like a cat who freaks out because someone moved its favorite pillow; even if I am the one who decided to move said pillow, and so there's really no conceivable reason to complain about it. *sigh* My brain understands that, but apparently my body doesn't. Well, at least I got my acupuncture this morning, so my upper back isn't made of concrete... yet. *mirthless smirk*

The VC fan community over on Dreamwidth is still exploding - so many comments, so little time.:) And my most popular fic on AO3 - The Mirror - has 365 hits as of right now (!!!). I had never really entertained the concept of HUNDREDS of people reading my porny little snippets - so it is a bit of an "OMG I'm famous!!!" moment.;) LJ doesn't give you the number of hits, so I never really knew how many people read my stuff (beyond those few who took the time to comment). I'm still sort of struggling to wrap my head around that...;D

That is pretty much all the news I can focus on at the moment. Might still check in here before the trip - but then again, I might not. So please keep your fingers crossed for my sanity just in case...:P
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OK, so I know I didn't post anything here last weekend. Despite having every intention to do so. I'm not even sure how that happened, considering I actually had Monday off, so it was a long weekend. Said Monday was spent running some errands, which included applying for a passport. I still don't know for sure that I will actually get to use it - but there is a good chance that I might, and I want to be prepared just in case.:) Cryptic, I know. But I really don't like to talk about things that aren't certain - call me superstitious if you like... *shrug*

This weekend was shorter, but more productive, despite (or maybe because of) the fact that I am plagued by PMS (sometimes it makes you useless, other times it gives you tons of nervous energy that must find an outlet). I shopped, I cooked (twice!... well, cooked and then made a salad), I did laundry... I even watched a movie. David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis. Which is absurdly brilliant - or brilliantly absurd, however you want to look at it. I mean, for the first 5 minutes I was all, "OK, WHY did I decide to watch this?"... but then at some point I started clapping and squealing with laughter. Which possibly proves that my own sense of humor is nearly as twisted as Cronenberg's (or his favorite actor Viggo Mortensen's... LOL). Anyway... I loved it, as disturbing as it was, and I watched the entire lengthy "making of" featurette too, for good measure.:)

Also, summer seems to have finally arrived. As of yesterday. We barely had any spring to speak of, but apparently it's summer now. Who needs spring anyway - it's so last century... *sigh* Don't get me wrong - yesterday the weather was beautiful, and it felt sooo good to go outside in a summer outfit, for the first time in God knows how many months... but today was just grey, muggy and suffocating, much like it often happens here in July/August. No transition period whatsoever. It's like May has been cancelled, and we are stepping from early April right into late June, or something. But then, what do I know - it could be cold again tomorrow...

I just want nice weather two weeks from now - not necessarily here, even, only in New York City.:D Yes, I will be there in less than two weeks. O_O I try not to drive myself crazy angsting about various travel-related things (like going through airport security, for example - which I haven't done since 2009, and which is possibly much less pleasant now than it was at the time).

Oh, and I am also permanently distracted by Skype (honestly, I can only think of ONE day in the past week or two where I didn't send or receive any Skype messages at all). And the VC community on Dreamwidth (yes, I did help a certain someone prepare ANOTHER discussion post about The Vampire Lestat recently, why do you ask?...;P). And AO3, where I have put up a few of my Aragorn/Legolas ficlets. Which are getting lots of kudos, I might add. I also wrote another drabble in the VC fandom. So yeah, I definitely have enough stuff on my plate to justify letting my LJ participation lapse a bit. But I still feel bad about it... *sigh*
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Didn't do much last Monday, after all, because I did end up having a bit of an upset stomach.:/ Some of the Easter leftovers I had brought from home weren't very fresh by the time I ate them, I suppose (I hardly ever eat ham or bacon these days, for example; so when my mom forces it on me, I tend to forget how quickly it can go bad and make you sick... because most of the stuff I do eat regularly - like cheese - keeps in the fridge forever... *sigh*). I wasn't in a lot of pain, just weak & queasy and unable to stand the thought of food for a good few hours. So I spent half the day in a horizontal position, reading and dozing and drinking lots of water to flush the bad stuff out of my system. I actually lost a pound or two as a result of this, because I didn't feel like eating much the following day, either. So perhaps that's the way to deal with holiday pigouts: eat stuff that's so bad for you it actually makes your body revolt and get rid of all the extra calories in a hurry.;P

This weekend was definitely more productive, though. In addition to the regular grocery shopping & cooking, I also managed to clean the place - as well as go to the movies.:) So I did finally see Only Lovers Left Alive. And I loved it. It's a quiet, introspective film with an unforgettable atmosphere... plus deliciously quirky humor and tons of cultural references, some of which I unfortunately didn't get (I want to see it again, with subtitles, since I missed some of the dialog due to Tom Hiddleston's & Tilda Swinton's posh British accents...;). And since it's a film about vampires for the intelligent viewer, it has some obvious parallels to another smart and artistically ambitious film about vampires.:) But I won't go into more detail here; those observations are better saved for a stimulating thought exchange with [livejournal.com profile] burnadette_dpdl... ;>

Oh, and I did create that AO3 account (under the unsurprising name of FloatingLeaf :). Haven't managed to upload much into it so far, though. It is time-consuming - even posting a drabble requires some work with all the coding, tagging, rating and stuff. But I am thrilled to be on there, and I will slowly but surely add most of my "literary output".:P Now, however, it is definitely time for bed... *sigh*
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Just got back from visiting my parents for Easter. Went there last night, to spend more time with them, especially since my sister & brother-in-law were also going then. Mom was happy, because she likes to have everyone together for breakfast on Easter Sunday, instead of just lunch/dinner. The weather was incredibly mild, at long last; I hardly needed the jacket I brought with me just in case. We pigged out to a ridiculous degree, as usual; but I am happy to report a lack of indigestion or other unpleasant consequences so far.;) I just felt a little sluggish in the afternoon, so I took a nap. And I slept rather well last night, too - which isn't always the case when I stay at their house. Even if the pillow was too soft, which isn't good for my neck...

Luckily, I am off work tomorrow and I have my chiropractic appointment in the morning. If the weather stays nice, I might go see a movie later on (Only Lovers Left Alive). But it is supposed to rain, so I might just stay home and cook/dye my hair/catch up on teh internetz.;) Or, you know, create an AO3 account and start posting my fic there. Because I just got an invite.:) I only have 3 drabbles to put up in the VC fandom so far... but I can post some of my LOTR stuff, too. I have a few ficlets I am rather proud of, if I say so myself - and they have only been shared here, in this journal, and on two friends-locked Aragorn/Legolas slash communities so far. I don't mind if more people get to see them.:D Can you guess someone's been telling me to be more appreciative of myself?... LOL.

Speaking of which... [livejournal.com profile] burnadette_dpdl is visiting NOLA with her mom this weekend - and despite having warned me that she might be entirely out of touch until her return on Tuesday night, has been reporting to me directly via text/email/Skype since day one.:D So I almost feel as if I am there with her. Which is really nice - considering the fact I was a bit miffed (to put it mildly, LOL) we couldn't go together. Well... not this time.;P

Also, my mom suggested today that perhaps their plan of buying an apartment building including a flat for me isn't going to work out after all. Read more... )
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My plane tickets to New York have been booked. It still feels surreal, but now I have proof that I didn't actually imagine the entire thing.;)

Also, today is the first day in at least a week that I haven't used Skype at all. A few nights ago, I actually found myself chatting simultaneously on Skype with [livejournal.com profile] burnadette_dpdl AND [livejournal.com profile] cloudsinvenice (yes, she lives across the Atlantic, but she was having insomnia and decided to say hello :). Which was more manageable and fun than I expected it to be.;)

I even got a Skype message from some random guy whose username didn't ring any bells at all, and whom I instantly blocked. Only pre-approved contacts, plz! By the way, none of my old Polish friends have followed my suggestion to GET ON SKYPE ALREADY, and somehow I don't think they will. Oh well. That only means they have to wait until I find the time to email them again...

The weather is improving slowly. Still rather cold, but at least the sun came out. SOOO tired of wearing winter clothes. Especially considering I haven't gone shopping for any new ones since... I don't even know when. I'm pretty sure I haven't been on a single "retail therapy" trip all winter. It was just too cold and disgusting to go out on weekends. Plus, I had enough stimulating activities to occupy me at home (the Vampire Chronicles fandom and SKYPE, of course :D). But I desperately need a new set of bathroom rugs... and I could also use a whole bunch of other stuff. Too bad I just spent almost $200 at Whole Foods (had to restock on some toiletries, vitamins, herbal remedies etc.). *sigh* (in addition to booking the abovementioned plane tickets, I might point out) So I really should go easy on my credit card for a while...

Took Monday off next week, because apparently I need an extra day to manage cleaning, laundry and other household tasks (spending massive chunks of time on the interwebz/Skype chats might possibly account for this... but you can't really expect me to prioritize dealing with dirty underwear OVER discussing matters of LIFE and DEATH like vampire-themed fanfic and/or fanart, now can you?...;P). Plus, I have a lot of PTO, and the boss already warned us NOT to save any significant amounts of it for December, since we are going to be very busy then, and she might not be able to approve any vacation requests for more than 1-2 days at a time. Which is why I am taking a whole week off around my 3-day trip in May. So I will have plenty of time to pack and get ready without rushing around in a frenzy... and then also plenty of time to recover from the experience after I return.:D Not that it's likely to stop me from experiencing major travel-angst at some point... but it just might be a little easier to handle than it would be if I had to rush. So I am very glad it's a luxury I can afford...
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Had jury duty today. The "rescheduled" appointment from January. Didn't mention it here ahead of time because I felt really, really apprehensive about it, and if they had put me on a jury, I would have totally believed it was due to the fact I "jinxed" it by posting about it. But I was lucky, again, despite the fact that my panel WAS called into a courtroom. Which happened right before lunchtime, btw. They told us they still needed to finalize some details before they could begin the jury selection process... so we were instructed to take lunch and then come back to the courtroom. Whereupon they told us that the matter had been resolved "short of a trial", and we were therefore all free to go home. You should have heard the collective sigh of relief of the 30 or so people in the room... LOL.

So I actually got home much earlier than I would have if I had gone to work. Which was truly appreciated, since it meant I could get some cooking done (I invented a strange one-pot dish that came together surprisingly well, if I say so myself ;D), and then STILL have time for a two-hour Skype call discussing The Vampire Lestat (or, to be precise, helping the indefatigable [livejournal.com profile] burnadette_dpdl prepare the next discussion post about it for the VC comm). So, it's been an immensely productive day.:D And now, I need SLEEP (got up at 5:45 AM OMG, do I get points for that?... took a three-bus ride halfway across town and GOT THERE 15 MINUTES EARLY, DO YOU HEAR??? that is UNPRECEDENTED. I need a medal, pronto). *massive yawn*
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Hah. It seems I couldn't have chosen a better time to rekindle my love for the VC fandom. Which, I thought, was nearly dead when I first dove back into it about two years ago. And which is now at an absolute peak of activity due to the recent announcement of Anne Rice's new vampire series. Yep. Believe it or not - or Google it if you don't - but there is a novel called Prince Lestat, due to be released at the end of October. Whether that is in fact a good thing, remains open for debate - and there IS a major debate raging on, let me tell you - but one thing seems certain: the news has brought fandom to frenetic life, and what I see happening around me now is pretty much the same glorious madness I remember from my most intense LOTR years (2004-2006 or thereabouts). Who knew? Life is such a ridiculous party train sometimes. Not in my wildest thoughts could I have anticipated this... any more than I could have anticipated meeting someone who would seem unable to go through the day without making at least some sort of contact with me, some sort of acknowledgement of our shared obsession. It always seemed like the kind of thing that happened to OTHER people. You know, the OUTGOING crowd. I could only witness it from a distance and blink in amazement. And yet, it happened so easily, almost before I knew it. Of course, there was a gradual buildup, and the same applies to fandom activity in general... but from where I stand right now, it looks like an explosion, a crazy supernova. Keeping up with it requires pretty much all the time and energy I have at my disposal. Obviously, I still feel the urge to post in here, or I wouldn't be doing it; but carving out the time for it is becoming more and more of a challenge. Just saying...

On the RL front, my workplace is moving. Our lease on the current office space expires at the end of the year, and we won't be renewing, because they managed to figure out a better deal somewhere else. Read more... )
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So, March already. Still very much winter outside. *sigh* Still too cold to go traipsing around town, so I amused myself today by cleaning the place and cooking a big pot of stew. Oh, and let's not forget the Skyping. Skyping has very much become a permanent feature of my daily existence. In fact, I am exceedingly proud of myself for having the willpower to end this morning's conversation before it was too late to get anything done. It wasn't easy, let me tell you. My sense of time tends to become strangely suspended while interacting with someone who occupies the same wavelength.;) Introverted as I am, when I detect a kindred soul, I latch onto it with the tenacity of a starving vampire bat. And when the kindred soul in question seems to be doing exactly the same thing, the situation can get a little out of hand (only talked until 1-2 a.m. last night, I swear!). But I am still making an effort to pay some attention to other people occasionally, so there is hope.;P

Btw, our VC community on Dreamwidth is still absolutely teeming with posts and comments; I can barely keep up. I know I am gradually letting LJ fall by the wayside. I will not be offended if anyone removes me from their friends' list due to lack of interaction; though I do hope some people won't.;) There is just too much on my mind right now. I don't even seem to be finding the time for Netflix anymore; I tend to keep the same DVD for 2-3 weeks at least... Another thing that fell by the wayside, months ago, is any sort of physical exercise. *sigh* That really has to change at some point... but there's only so much I can focus on at a time. I do have an obsessive personality, and all things considered, it is really quite fortunate that this manifests itself through fandoms (rather than drugs or alcohol or extreme sports, for example ;P). These obsessions provide me with unbelievable amounts of energy and optimism I would otherwise lack - so I accept them with open arms when they come upon me, and try to go with the flow as best I can until they run their course. It's the best life-affirming philosophy I am capable of, and it has gotten me through a lot. So who am I to complain? :D
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Just a brief post today, because I can't resist sharing something. An alternate title for Interview with the Vampire. It's a collaboration. The Photoshop skills on display belong to [livejournal.com profile] burnadette_dpdl, but the actual "alternate title" idea was MINE. It's just something that came up in a recent conversation... and now, apparently, it's quite a hit on Tumblr.:D Ahhh, how do I deal with sudden internet fame???... *gigglesnort*

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It's happened again. I stayed up all night, first Skyping, then unable to sleep due to being too buzzed from the exuberant hilarity of the conversation... then Skyping again, around 3-4 a.m., because, as it turned out, my partner in crime was also still online (not even having attempted to go to bed, I might add). *headdesk* I am definitely too old for this. And yet, it seems to be happening regardless of my plans, moods, opinions, fears or any other considerations. And I seem to be OK with it. Or, you know, my consciousness has been altered to the point where I don't care.:P Who needs drugs? The Crazy People From The Internet (as a friend of mine once put it) are quite enough...;)

The VC fandom is very active, too, and I want to participate in it more. As in, I want to write, not only comment on other people's fic/artwork etc. (however engaging that is) But there's this little voice in my head telling me not to bother, because, 1) most of what HAS been written in this fandom is either quite good or downright outstanding, and how could I ever measure up; and 2) the author officially hates fanfiction, which makes it somewhat illicit, and therefore somewhat risky, if only in theory. And I do not like risks. Perpetuating LOTR slash was so much easier, somehow; of course there were tons of good fic around, but there were also tons of crap, and it seemed like I could place myself above the average without much effort.;) Plus, the author was dead and you didn't have to worry about his potential reaction to what you did with his characters.:P So, I very much want to write, but I am also very tentative about it...

Not to mention I can't really focus on it, anyway, because I'm too busy discussing life and fandom with someone who is too compulsively creative to care about trivial human pursuits like food or sleep.:P Don't get me wrong; I love being the beta reader/chief advisor/captive audience etc. I think it's flattering, and I don't have a competitive bone in my body, so envy isn't really a factor. But I would need a quiet, focused mind to be able to do any writing... and that just doesn't happen of late. I'm on a rollercoaster.;) But then again, if not for said rollercoaster, perhaps I wouldn't even CARE about the potential writing, because I wouldn't be able to convince myself that anyone might want to read it. So it's a bit of a conundrum...

In other news, none of my old Polish friends have added me on Skype so far. I am a bit miffed. Because I clearly haven't been spending enough hours on there already... *facepalm*

Nothing else to report. Work is busy, but not too stressful, weather is crazy, but we're all used to it by now, and I'm PMS-ing, but so far it's just making me manic, not murderous. Early bedtime tonight sounds tempting... but I better not mention that in case I jinx it again...;P
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Okay, people... this is just a brief announcement of extreme importance. I have officially entered the 21st century. By which I mean, I now have SKYPE. I spent over an hour this evening on VIDEO CHAT OMG. I can't even believe this, I have always said I hated the idea of video chat, of how awkward it must be, much worse than talking on the phone (which is also awkward for me, as you may know)... But it wasn't, it wasn't awkward at all, it was nearly as good as talking in person, and the sound quality was ten times better than on my stupid phone, which has spotty reception at best... Why, oh why haven't I thought of this before???... O_O

I can now have endless conversations and/or text message exchanges FOR FREE!!! No need to worry about running out of minutes, low battery power or getting hand cramps from hours of typing awkwardly on a tiny phone keyboard... LOL. My life is changed. I can probably even set up Skype chats with some of my old friends across the Atlantic... if I ever find the time to contact them about this, because right now The Vampire Chronicles fandom and its side-effects in the form of MOST INCREDIBLE FRIENDSHIP EVER seem to be taking up all I've got. Not that I'm complaining. I'm just a little dizzy with the wonder of it all... *headshake* ;)
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We had another massive snowstorm last Tuesday night. So massive, in fact, that I didn't make it to work on Wednesday morning. Public transit just wasn't up to the task. *sigh* I did make it two thirds of the way there, eventually, but then was faced with the exciting prospect of waiting about an hour for the next bus... and so I hopped on the train back home instead.;P At that point, I was able to say that I had made and HONEST EFFORT, and felt no guilt about enjoying an unexpected day off.:D Which was, incidentally, a blessing, because I'd been up until about 2 a.m. the previous night. Unintentionally, of course - it's never intentional with me, I swear. It just HAPPENS. The fandom discussion on Dreamwidth was just too stimulating... LOL. [livejournal.com profile] burnadette_dpdl can attest to that. We both happened to be participating at the same time, seeing each other's comments pop up as we refreshed the page... and so, inevitably, at some point around midnight I received a text message telling me that we really should go to sleep.:) To which I replied that I honestly had no CLUE how it got to be so late... or something to that effect, LOL. And that I had actually meant to go to bed early that night, not having slept too well the night before. To which I received the following reply: SAME HERE EXHAUSTED WANTED TO GO TO BED EARLY AND THEN I WAS HELPLESSLY AT THE MERCY OF THIS ADDICTION.:D So yeah... we took some time discussing this obvious problem we have, and other things. Read more... )
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OMG I let the weekend go by without posting. O_O ;) A horrible offense, I know. I'm sure everyone is very upset... *snort*

I've been rather distracted, you see. There's a ton of fandom activity over on Dreamwidth (not to mention Tumblr!), and there's even more texting activity on my phone... LOL. Since [livejournal.com profile] burnadette_dpdl's return from her London trip last Monday night, we've texted back and forth every day... except for last Wednesday, which was when she was busy putting up a discussion post on [community profile] vc_media. I'm afraid it's turning into a compulsion... sometimes one of us would send a random burst of messages even when the other one isn't able to respond at the moment, and then, a few hours later, the replies would start flying in.:) If we both happen to be available at the same time, we tend to pursue several conversation threads simultaneously, running off on tangents and generally having a hard time figuring out how to stop.;) Which leads to massive absent-mindedness and sleep deprivation... among other things.:P Btw, I thought maybe we should take a break tonight... but as it turns out, we aren't.:D

I other news, yesterday was my mom's 70th birthday party.:) We managed to surprise her, because her actual birthday is on the 5th... so she was expecting us the NEXT weekend. My sister made delicious food, and my brother-in-law put up a ton of balloons with funny faces painted on them with colored markers.;) Perfect party d├ęcor for a 70-year-old lady, LOL (but she was delighted, so no harm done...;D). They also brought an absolutely heavenly cake from a new European bakery they had recently discovered. So, the day was a big success. I am also quite pleased to say that my period was already over by then... LOL. It had started on Thursday night, which was a bit early - but I had been "feeling it coming" since the beginning of the week. I don't know why the PMS was so bad this time... might have to increase the daily dose of Vitamin B, or something. But anyway... that's all for now, because I've been TEXTING, and now I need to go to bed, pronto. *sigh* :)
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Well... looks like my obligatory weekend post will be very brief this time. I meant to make it last night, but somehow that didn't happen. What did happen was cooking, catching up with some comments, organizing iTunes playlists, and Tumblr. Today was laundry, more traipsing around the interwebs, and a pleasant phone chat followed by some texting. Anyway... the VC community over on Dreamwidth is livening up again, due chiefly to the fact that we are starting a group discussion of The Vampire Lestat next week. Yay!!! So I may be more active on there than I am on here from now on. Also, there may have been another bout of pseudo-RP going on via text message last Thursday, which became quite intense. In a good way. But we just got to the point where we had to stop. Uncharted territory... LOL.

So, that's my news in a nutshell. And before I sign off, here's a sample of my recent music discoveries. Or, to be precise, re-discoveries. I finally dug up some of the CD's with music saved from my old computer... and while I was at it, I downloaded a few more tracks by this awesome band. Artrosis. It's Polish black metal, or gothic metal, or darkwave... or whatever you wanna call it. In one word, it's beautiful. Seriously... check out the vocal. If there is a heaven, that's what the angelic choirs should sound like... for me, anyway.;)

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [livejournal.com profile] goddessofchaos! I hope you have a pleasant celebration, despite your apparent lack of holiday spirit...;)

I do happen to be in a celebratory mood, personally - though not necessarily due to the season, LOL. Last night was another instance of a spontaneous, brilliant, inspired pseudo-RPG text message exchange that will be turned into a fanfic. Funnily enough, it was the last thing I would have expected, since I was so tired and lethargic I could barely keep my eyes open. I had gone to my chiropractic appointment in the morning, took the 30-minute walk back to the train station (since I had missed the bus that runs only twice an hour), then went out for groceries... So by late afternoon, I was wiped (the weather was gray, damp and gloomy, which always affects my energy levels; plus, my sinuses had been bothering me quite a bit, so I had started taking Allegra, which also makes me groggy). I didn't even want to sit at the computer; I just laid myself out flat on my sofa bed and tried reading for a while... but that didn't satisfy me. I needed some sort of interaction. So I texted my partner in crime to see if she was available. And she was. And at first I thought I shouldn't have bothered her at all, since I could barely string two words together and the conversation was stalling... but then she effortlessly slipped into Lestat's persona, and the whole thing just exploded. Soon we were having a classic L/L heated argument, huffing and puffing at each other and laughing ourselves silly. It's sort of scary how easily this happens for us sometimes. I never thought I had a knack for that sort of thing. I guess it takes the right person to unlock certain aspects of yourself... *ponders*

Anyway... life without fandom would be so much less fulfilling.:) I think I am ready now to face the familyfest tomorrow... LOL.

Like I mentioned before, I work on Thursday & Friday, so I may not check in again till next weekend. In the meantime, I wish joy and peace to everyone... *spreads arms out in benediction and signs off* ;)
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I was off work today, since the office closed early before the long holiday weekend. I am also off on Friday, because we're always closed on the Friday after Thanksgiving. So I have a VERY long weekend... LOL.

Btw, yesterday was another Day of Much Texting. It started on my way home from work (around 6 p.m.), and went on until my phone died around 9 p.m. (I'm pretty sure it would have lasted longer otherwise, too) Much fun was shared - along with a little bit of amazement at how this crazy THING we have seems to be gaining momentum. It's just... incredible on so many levels. )
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The weather has been positively hormonal this weekend. One violent rainstorm after another, with brief periods of eerie, gray stillness in between. There was even a tiny bit of sunlight this afternoon - right after a vicious storm that rattled my windows. And then, a half-hour later, another bank of heavy rainclouds rolled in. So I haven't been out-and-about much, except for grocery shopping. Btw, my timing of said shopping trips totally sucked, since I managed to get rained on every time. Also, my total at the checkout of the local supermarket came up to exactly $66.66. Good thing I'm not superstitious... LOL.

That was yesterday. Today I went to Whole Foods, for some cosmetics and a few food items I don't usually find at the local stores. I wasn't raining when I left, so I thought I was going to be fine. You know, at Whole Foods they give you paper bags at the checkout instead of plastic. I could have brought my own canvas shopping bags... but I didn't. So I walk out of there with a huge paper bag full of stuff... and of course it's raining. And by the time I reach the bus stop, the bag is starting to tear.:/ I managed to hold it all together until the point where I need to transfer to another bus... but then the bottom of the bag gave out and I dropped a few items. Luckily, nothing was ruined. The jar of organic honey lost a part of the lid... but, amazingly enough, didn't spill a drop.:) I picked up what I could and just held it all in my arms the rest of the way home. And only then did I realize that the bottle of agave nectar didn't make it.:/ I didn't even notice when it fell out. It was plastic, so most likely didn't break, and perhaps someone else has found it by now. At least it won't go to waste... LOL.

Yeah... exciting weekend adventures, you have to admit.;) I'm off tomorrow, but I don't feel like going anywhere unless the weather changes (and it doesn't seem likely at the moment). I have to make some calls for work, anyway.:/

I'm not in a bad mood, though. Read more... )
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