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This week I was reminded, yet again, that staying up past my regular bedtime is NOT a good idea. I can pull it off once in a while, but not two nights in a row. Not any more. Because if I do that, then by the third night my entire inner clock is out of whack, and I am unable to fall asleep at the regular time, despite mind-numbing exhaustion. Which triggers an entire vicious cycle of insomnia, anxiety, grumpiness and debilitating fatigue. The longer I go without a full night of proper rest, the more anxious I become, and the more difficult it is to actually relax enough for deep, restful sleep to occur naturally. And so, last Friday night I had to resort to a sleeping pill. After which I zonked out for about 9 hours. But if you thought I woke up refreshed and well rested on Saturday morning, you'd be wrong. I felt sluggish and out of sorts all day - which I am assuming was the after-effect of the pill. I barely managed to drag myself to my chiropractic appointment, which was at 11 a.m. Even though I had gone to bed before 10 p.m. the previous night (I tossed and turned for about 2 hours before I caved in and popped the pill - I really don't like resorting to chemicals until I'm fairly desperate, tbh). And all because a few nights earlier I had a sudden flash of guilt about being a crappy LJ friend, and decided to leave a whole bunch of comments - which took somewhat longer than expected. Well, I tried... but it really can't happen anymore. On a weeknight, I absolutely HAVE to be in bed by midnight, no matter what. Actually, let's make it 11:30. Midnight is acceptable on weekends. 1 a.m. or later is not acceptable EVER, except maybe New Year's Eve.;) It's just not worth the epic misery I go through for days afterwards. My body has been trying to tell me so for years. I need to finally start paying attention. It's one thing when some external source of anxiety deprives me of proper rest... but why do it to myself for no good reason? Because I can't unglue my eyes from the computer screen?... How old am I, again??? Actually no, don't answer that. Old enough for lack of good sleep to become a serious health risk, apparently. Not to mention the awful effect it has on my mood. So, from now on, I am actually going to follow my own rules for a change. And if that makes me a crappy friend or an infrequent commenter, then so be it. There's only so much internet one can possibly keep up with, anyway. *sigh*

In better news, I may have spontaneously ordered some pretty jewellery on Etsy. Bad, grainy pics - taken with the dumbphone, as per usual - below: )
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So I did go shopping yesterday, but entirely failed to find any suitable winter boots or clothing. Instead, I bought a pretty summer blouse (it was ON CLEARANCE, for TWELVE BUCKS, it was BLUE and had a lovely frilly design - need I say more?... LOL), a new lunch box, a towel (in a nice geometric pattern of blue, green & gray), a pair of socks and a can of tea. THIS can of tea:

carry on

Bad picture taken with my "dumbphone" (as my friends call it) - because while my iPod Touch takes better pictures, I cannot then email them to myself, since I don't have WiFi.:( Anyway - how could I have resisted that? I hardly need more tea, I am running out of shelf space to house all the tea I already possess... but when I saw this nifty blue box (it is indeed royal blue, you have to take my word for it - no flash on the dumbphone camera, LOL), I had an immediate case of grabby hands, and so it was added to my already impressive tin collection.:P

Then I watched my latest Netflix DVD, Agora, which turned out to be another biopic about a scientist.:) Something I actually wasn't expecting, because the blurb on the DVD envelope entirely neglected to mention the fact that any of the characters were historical figures. I was expecting an entertaining period drama/romance - which would have been perfectly fine - but what I got instead was a truly stunning depiction of the turbulent events that shook the fabled city of Alexandria around 400 A.D. Read more... )
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So, I should probably attempt some sort of progress report on my strange little cinematic "staycation"... but my mind is all over the place. As usual, the more I have to say, the more I struggle to make a journal entry. *sigh* Maybe I should give up entirely on trying to describe my life, and just LIVE it instead?...

We did see that old Polish movie with Adriana on Saturday. We both had a blast. And today I watched the latest film by Ferzan Ozpetek. Which wasn't as good as I expected. I mean, it was very good, but my expectations when it comes to Ozpetek are ridiculously high, based on his previous works of pure genius... and so I am a little disappointed. Still, it was nice to "meet" him in person.;)

Somehow, I thought I was going to get SOOO much done this week... but I can see already that I overestimated my organizational skills. I can be productive at home if I am not planning on going out; but when I know I have to leave at a certain time, I tend to get anxious about starting a project I might not be able to finish. I have always found it hard to estimate correctly how long something might take me; it seems to depend on so many factors outside my control. So I absolutely hate giving myself "deadlines"... but I also hate leaving things unfinished. This results in simply abandoning certain tasks... or in being late for appointments... or in having to suddenly dash about in terrible anxiety, because I don't WANT to be late, but have no fucking clue how the time got to be what it is.:/ (and if I REALLY don't want to be late, I sometimes end up being way too early... which is also frustrating) Anyway... my idea of a good, relaxing vacation shouldn't probably include having to get halfway across town (via public transit, no less) by a specific hour every day. But I only do this once a year, and so I tend to forget how exhausting it is... until the next time. *sigh*
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OK, so I know I didn't post anything here last weekend. Despite having every intention to do so. I'm not even sure how that happened, considering I actually had Monday off, so it was a long weekend. Said Monday was spent running some errands, which included applying for a passport. I still don't know for sure that I will actually get to use it - but there is a good chance that I might, and I want to be prepared just in case.:) Cryptic, I know. But I really don't like to talk about things that aren't certain - call me superstitious if you like... *shrug*

This weekend was shorter, but more productive, despite (or maybe because of) the fact that I am plagued by PMS (sometimes it makes you useless, other times it gives you tons of nervous energy that must find an outlet). I shopped, I cooked (twice!... well, cooked and then made a salad), I did laundry... I even watched a movie. David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis. Which is absurdly brilliant - or brilliantly absurd, however you want to look at it. I mean, for the first 5 minutes I was all, "OK, WHY did I decide to watch this?"... but then at some point I started clapping and squealing with laughter. Which possibly proves that my own sense of humor is nearly as twisted as Cronenberg's (or his favorite actor Viggo Mortensen's... LOL). Anyway... I loved it, as disturbing as it was, and I watched the entire lengthy "making of" featurette too, for good measure.:)

Also, summer seems to have finally arrived. As of yesterday. We barely had any spring to speak of, but apparently it's summer now. Who needs spring anyway - it's so last century... *sigh* Don't get me wrong - yesterday the weather was beautiful, and it felt sooo good to go outside in a summer outfit, for the first time in God knows how many months... but today was just grey, muggy and suffocating, much like it often happens here in July/August. No transition period whatsoever. It's like May has been cancelled, and we are stepping from early April right into late June, or something. But then, what do I know - it could be cold again tomorrow...

I just want nice weather two weeks from now - not necessarily here, even, only in New York City.:D Yes, I will be there in less than two weeks. O_O I try not to drive myself crazy angsting about various travel-related things (like going through airport security, for example - which I haven't done since 2009, and which is possibly much less pleasant now than it was at the time).

Oh, and I am also permanently distracted by Skype (honestly, I can only think of ONE day in the past week or two where I didn't send or receive any Skype messages at all). And the VC community on Dreamwidth (yes, I did help a certain someone prepare ANOTHER discussion post about The Vampire Lestat recently, why do you ask?...;P). And AO3, where I have put up a few of my Aragorn/Legolas ficlets. Which are getting lots of kudos, I might add. I also wrote another drabble in the VC fandom. So yeah, I definitely have enough stuff on my plate to justify letting my LJ participation lapse a bit. But I still feel bad about it... *sigh*
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Didn't do much last Monday, after all, because I did end up having a bit of an upset stomach.:/ Some of the Easter leftovers I had brought from home weren't very fresh by the time I ate them, I suppose (I hardly ever eat ham or bacon these days, for example; so when my mom forces it on me, I tend to forget how quickly it can go bad and make you sick... because most of the stuff I do eat regularly - like cheese - keeps in the fridge forever... *sigh*). I wasn't in a lot of pain, just weak & queasy and unable to stand the thought of food for a good few hours. So I spent half the day in a horizontal position, reading and dozing and drinking lots of water to flush the bad stuff out of my system. I actually lost a pound or two as a result of this, because I didn't feel like eating much the following day, either. So perhaps that's the way to deal with holiday pigouts: eat stuff that's so bad for you it actually makes your body revolt and get rid of all the extra calories in a hurry.;P

This weekend was definitely more productive, though. In addition to the regular grocery shopping & cooking, I also managed to clean the place - as well as go to the movies.:) So I did finally see Only Lovers Left Alive. And I loved it. It's a quiet, introspective film with an unforgettable atmosphere... plus deliciously quirky humor and tons of cultural references, some of which I unfortunately didn't get (I want to see it again, with subtitles, since I missed some of the dialog due to Tom Hiddleston's & Tilda Swinton's posh British accents...;). And since it's a film about vampires for the intelligent viewer, it has some obvious parallels to another smart and artistically ambitious film about vampires.:) But I won't go into more detail here; those observations are better saved for a stimulating thought exchange with [livejournal.com profile] burnadette_dpdl... ;>

Oh, and I did create that AO3 account (under the unsurprising name of FloatingLeaf :). Haven't managed to upload much into it so far, though. It is time-consuming - even posting a drabble requires some work with all the coding, tagging, rating and stuff. But I am thrilled to be on there, and I will slowly but surely add most of my "literary output".:P Now, however, it is definitely time for bed... *sigh*
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The weather has been positively hormonal this weekend. One violent rainstorm after another, with brief periods of eerie, gray stillness in between. There was even a tiny bit of sunlight this afternoon - right after a vicious storm that rattled my windows. And then, a half-hour later, another bank of heavy rainclouds rolled in. So I haven't been out-and-about much, except for grocery shopping. Btw, my timing of said shopping trips totally sucked, since I managed to get rained on every time. Also, my total at the checkout of the local supermarket came up to exactly $66.66. Good thing I'm not superstitious... LOL.

That was yesterday. Today I went to Whole Foods, for some cosmetics and a few food items I don't usually find at the local stores. I wasn't raining when I left, so I thought I was going to be fine. You know, at Whole Foods they give you paper bags at the checkout instead of plastic. I could have brought my own canvas shopping bags... but I didn't. So I walk out of there with a huge paper bag full of stuff... and of course it's raining. And by the time I reach the bus stop, the bag is starting to tear.:/ I managed to hold it all together until the point where I need to transfer to another bus... but then the bottom of the bag gave out and I dropped a few items. Luckily, nothing was ruined. The jar of organic honey lost a part of the lid... but, amazingly enough, didn't spill a drop.:) I picked up what I could and just held it all in my arms the rest of the way home. And only then did I realize that the bottle of agave nectar didn't make it.:/ I didn't even notice when it fell out. It was plastic, so most likely didn't break, and perhaps someone else has found it by now. At least it won't go to waste... LOL.

Yeah... exciting weekend adventures, you have to admit.;) I'm off tomorrow, but I don't feel like going anywhere unless the weather changes (and it doesn't seem likely at the moment). I have to make some calls for work, anyway.:/

I'm not in a bad mood, though. Read more... )
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Ahhh, Gods... life is a whirlwind of crazy at the moment. Work is getting hectic, and it shouldn't be, not at this time of year - I wasn't expecting that, and I do not approve. *scowls* We have a fucking PHONE CALL PROJECT (my favorite thing, right next to pushing a boulder up a steep hill, or poking myself in the eye with scissors, or... well, you get the picture). I may not actually feel suicidal because of it... but I am certainly pissed off. I almost wish the boss hadn't returned to the office after her surgery; it was so blissfully quiet while she was gone...

That's the bad crazy. The good crazy is my new enthusiastic VC friend, who is almost single-handedly trying to revive the semi-catatonic fandom, and doing a pretty good job of it, too.;) Read more... )

Oh, and another thing before I sign off: I've been itching for some new music, and I've found a perfect cure for that particular affliction.:) Abney Park. As recommended by [livejournal.com profile] meathiel. I just finished downloading over 40 tracks from Soundike.com. They are AWESOME. I have a feeling I'll be playing them to death over the next few weeks...:D

Here's a lovely fanvid to illustrate my point:

So thanks again, Kerstin. And feel free to throw more recs at me, whenever. Your taste in music is exquisite...;)
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First of all, I haven't forgotten whose birthday it is today.:)

Viggo (23)

FIFTY-FIVE already. Time flies, doesn't it? *headshake* BUT. He is still utterly awesome, and I am very much looking forward to his future cinematic endeavors. Two Faces of January should be out soon, if memory serves right... (I am not getting younger either... LOL)

But speaking of cinematic endeavors... I have seen two more festival movies since my previous post. Read more... )
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Once again, my cinematic intuition has been proven infallible. I picked a movie almost at random, and it turned out mind-blowing. I was actually on the verge of skipping it altogether, since it was raining when I went out to the grocery store this morning, and the prospect of traipsing around downtown in cold, wet weather didn't sound too appealing. But I already had the ticket, so I decided to brave the elements.;) Btw, the rain soon dwindled down to a mild drizzle, and by the time I walked out of the theater, the skies had cleared and it got a bit warmer, too. So not a bad outing at all.

The film was called The Notebook. )

In other news, I am happy to report that the heating in my building was FINALLY turned on at around 6 a.m. this morning. I'd been having a bit of a crisis for the past few days, because I really, REALLY detest feeling cold all the time. Last night was particularly bad. I don't know why they always wait for the outside temperature to drop down to 50F before they deign to turn on the heat... but anyway. It's on now, and it's doing a hell of a lot to improve my mood.:) Oh, and my period is over already. It did start on Monday night, so I went to bed early - and I did feel crappy on Tuesday morning, but somehow I dragged myself to work. It could have been worse, I guess...

Another thing that improved my mood last night was a phone call from a Very Cool Person. The same cool person, in fact, with whom I've been exchanging awesome fandom-related emails for the past few months. It's always a Big Event in my little world when an online friend becomes a "real life" friend who actually calls you on the phone. It's happened a few times so far... but it's never lost the air of slightly incredulous wonder, LOL. See, I don't connect with people that easily, and in many cases, I actually prefer to keep the acquaintance "virtual", even if the person doesn't live across the ocean. Anyway, I'm hardly ever the first one to suggest exchanging phone numbers - but this time I've been kind of wondering if perhaps I should... and then - lo and behold - she beat me to it.;) I have to say that discussing fanfic over the phone still feels sort of unreal; but it's awesome nonetheless.:) Those 45 minutes certainly went by very quickly...:D

And now, I need to catch up on sleep. I was either too excited or too cold last night to manage more than about 5 hours, and as a result I've been nursing a headache. I know I'm behind on comments, but I'll get there. Hopefully after I return from my next movie trip tomorrow...
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Pissed off to report that the monthly affliction hasn't started yet.:/ Which obviously means it's going to hit me at a highly inconvenient time. Why do you have to be such a bitch, mother nature? What have I done to you? Can we just stop this whole useless ovulation thing already?... *grumbles*

But since I'm not laid up as of right now, I may just as well share my thoughts about the film I saw yesterday. Blue Is the Warmest Color discussed extensively under the cut )
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Pleased to announce that film festival plans have been made.:) I am actually going to see five movies, starting with a Special Presentation of Blue Is the Warmest Color, which won this year at Cannes. And which just happens to be a lesbian love story.:D The movie lasts THREE HOURS, btw, so I am not quite sure what I was thinking (there's NO WAY I can endure 3 hours without a bathroom break) - but I ordered the ticket already, since they're showing it only once and I was afraid it might sell out quickly; so I guess I'll worry about the particulars when the day comes, LOL. That's Saturday the 12th. Then, the following week, I am taking Thursday and Friday off to go to matinees, since those are only $5.00 each (the Special Presentation ticket cost me $20 + extra fees for ordering online, so I want to keep the rest of the fun low-profile, LOL). A friend of mine is going with me to one of these, by the way. It's a Polish film about a Gypsy poet, whom I remember hearing about as a child - my parents used to have some analog records by various Gypsy bands/artists from all over Europe, and one of them was a Polish singer, whose songs I absolutely loved. Both the melodies and lyrics were very beautiful; and I think at least some of those lyrics were written by the poet in question. I don't know much about her, except for the name, so I am quite curious to see this film and find out more. It's bound to be a lovely trip down memory lane... Incidentally, there are several Polish films shown at the festival this year, and TWO of them are about gay men (including one about a gay CATHOLIC PRIEST). This is UNHEARD OF. I am more than a little stunned... LOL. I probably won't see both, but I would like to catch one at least. As well as an Argentinian psychological drama that sounds interesting. So yes, I'll be having culture by the bucket.;)

But speaking of movies - I just saw another rare gem on Netflix. Read more... )
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Sooo tired. Had a busy weekend for a change. Yesterday morning I went to see my chiropractor (which is quite a time-consuming trip in itself), then lugged in the usual weekly load of groceries, followed by some email catch-up and another Lost marathon (finished Season 3, which I really hadn't had a chance to do during the week). I swear this show is killing me. They somehow manage to end each season on a cliffhanger, and the drama is so intense I get dizzy.;) But anyway... today the weather continued to be incredibly gorgeous, so I decided it would be a waste to spend such a beautiful day pottering about at home. I thought of going shopping, but somehow that didn't seem appealing either (WTF happened to me, btw?... I haven't really experienced the random urge to shop in MONTHS... I mean I do shop when I need something specific, but traipsing around malls in search of bargains no longer sounds like a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon, and I wonder why). So I opted for some culture. Read more... )
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Another weekend. I don't really have any news, aside from the fact that my boss is doing fine after the surgery, and has probably been released from the hospital by now. Of course, she won't be back at the office till October, so work's been very quiet. I mean, there's plenty of stuff to do, but there's no rushing around and being interrupted by "special projects". Which is just fine by me... LOL.

Also, it's that time of the month, and once again my body can't seem to decide whether my period has actually started or not.:/ Read more... )
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Well... guess what? I did clean my place yesterday. I got up relatively early, since the fireworks started before 8 a.m. (sic!!!), so there was no hope of a longer sleep-in anyway. So I got my ass in gear, took a bath, cleaned up, dusted, vacuumed, scrubbed the tub and sinks etc... then got dressed, made myself look decent and went to see the movie. I felt somehow energized by this unexpected bout of high productivity, LOL. I wasn't nearly as tired or drained as I expected to be. Plus, there was no stress involved in getting to the theater this time, since I knew VERY well where it was and how long the trip should take - so that part of the day was actually quite relaxing. I arrived in good time, and even treated myself to a bag of popcorn (which I hardly ever do). It was the smallest bag they had on offer, by the way - and yet, it seemed so huge that I was still munching on it on my way back home 3 hours later (despite having unintentionally spilled about a quarter of it on the floor... *sigh*). But the standard snack sizes in the US are a whole another (quite disturbing) topic, LOL.

I got back sometime around 10:30 p.m., and I thought I was going to just hit the pillows and sleep like a log - but, obviously, the fireworks were still in full swing, and I was too wound up after such an "active" day anyway... so I kept tossing and turning for quite a while. And this morning, unsurprisingly, I felt like death warmed over. I dragged myself to work (ridiculously late, btw, since I forgot my lunch and had to walk back all the way from the bus stop to get it) and went through the motions, but my head was on a trip far, far away.:) Fortunately, there wasn't much going on, so my "productivity index" didn't really matter.:P And the fireworks are over now (*knocks on wood*) - so hopefully I can get some decent sleep tonight...

As for the movie... I loved it, of course. mild spoilers for Byzantium under the cut )
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Looks like it's time for another segment of the "how I fail at life" series.:/ Our office closed early today, as it usually does before major holidays - so I decided to do something fun with the evening for once and go to the movies. There is this new film by Neil Jordan, called Byzantium, which just started playing last weekend. You know, Neil Jordan directed Interview with the Vampire. And The Crying Game. And Breakfast on Pluto. So he is very much a cult figure for me. Also, this new one happens to be about vampires (Jordan's personal take on the theme), and several people at the "vc_media" community on DreamWidth have either seen it already or are planning to - so I will actually have someone to discuss it with. Which might be the main reason I want to see it ASAP - otherwise I'd probably wait patiently for the DVD. But if there are discussions at the comm in the near future, I want to be able to participate without having to worry about getting "spoiled".;) So I actually dragged myself to a different part of the city in order to see it.

But here's where the failure part begins. )
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I know I have said this several times already this year, but... the summer has arrived. For real this time. *knocks on wood* ;) I wore one of my most revealing dresses today: spaghetti straps, plunging neckline (with a cotton sports bra peeking out from underneath) and skirt that barely reaches the knee (that's as short as you'll ever see me wear outside; I hate exposing my flabby thighs, no matter how hot it is). I LOVE that dress. It was ridiculously cheap (I got it at Target, I think), but it has such a perfect cut for me: tight-fitting around the chest and flaring out from beneath. Sort of like those Empire-style gowns - except it's shorter, of course, and sleeveless, as well as dark (bluish) grey instead of white. But it does a perfect job of emphasizing the package (*ahem*) and masking some other less enticing curves (those around the waistline, LOL). Makes me look younger, I think. I usually feel very self-conscious whenever I put on something revealing - so a hot summer can be challenging, clothes-wise. But if I find something that fits just right, I am suddenly a flower-child all over again...;P

Going to see my parents tomorrow, since I couldn't go last Sunday. I have not scheduled Monday off this time, since I need to save my precious PTO days for when I REALLY need them - but I was sort of productive today, so I should manage just fine. It is too hot to cook anyway, so I made a simple salad - and will make another one Monday or Tuesday after work. I will not clean the place, obviously - but it should hold another week...

Btw, my parents are getting serious about buying an apartment building. Read more... )

Last but not least, I watched an absolutely chilling drama yesterday. We Need to Talk About Kevin. It was shown during the Chicago International Film Festival two years ago, but I didn't see it then - I just made a note to myself to check it out later, then forgot about it. But finally it did end up in my Netflix queue. Read more... )
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So yeah... I didn't go to see my parents after all. I had emptied the bucket at around midnight - only to find it overflowing when I woke up at 4 a.m. So leaving the apartment for 10 hours was pretty much out of the question.:/ Ironically, once I had called them and explained what was going on, the leak sort of quieted down again, and I was left wondering if I SHOULD have gone after all, instead of disappointing everyone (including my sister, who was also there, and who had brought the promised homemade cherry cake that she had boasted of to me earlier). *sigh* It's so hard to coordinate my visits home with my sister's, since she and her husband are always so busy...

Not that I didn't have plenty of stuff to occupy myself at home instead. I always do. I just hate changing my plans at the last minute due to some external circumstance. I throws me off and leaves me with this vague sense of misplacement...

Anyway - I should be going to bed, since the plumber might show up early tomorrow morning (yeah, right - I wish!...). Btw, my toilet doesn't flush properly either as of yesterday - so if he does show up, he'll be a busy guy.:D And if he doesn't, my brother-in-law has volunteered to call the building management office himself and raise hell (my sister assures me he's good at that ;). So we'll see what happens...

Also, I just watched this really silly horror/comedy flick called Kaboom. Read more... )
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Did I mention summer in my previous post? Well, it's gone. Lasted about three days this time. Right now we're back to murky cold weather reminiscent of either early March or November. For the past three nights or so, the temperature has been dropping below 10C/50F. In light of this, you might want to ask whether my heating is back on. Um, no. It is the end of May, so of course not. And I have already put the fan in my kitchen window, right? Which means I can't even close it properly - unless I take the fan back out. Aaaarrrrrghhhhh. Btw, it's supposed to be hot again by next Tuesday. So I decided not to bother removing the fan and just quietly freeze to death instead.:/ Oh, I did take out my little electric heater, of course. I need it to warm up the bathroom before I can persuade myself to take any clothes off, LOL. I sleep in my thickest flannels & socks, with an extra blanket on top of my duvet. Today I cleaned the apartment, which was the perfect thing to do, since it kept me moving around for a few hours, and therefore I stayed warm. But now the chill is seeping right through the fleece jacket I'm wearing over my sweater.:/ Oh, the irony. With all those fans standing around. I usually postpone setting up all the fans until it gets REALLY hot - at which point it is VERY unlikely to get cold again. But the thing is, it WAS really hot. This sudden, massive temperature drop was nothing short of astounding. If I still had any doubts that there are no rules anymore when it comes to the weather, they're all gone now. "Seasons" are a mythical concept in this brave new world of climate change...:|

But that's not what I wanted to talk about tonight. My latest Netflix movie turned out to be absolutely stunning. It's called Cracks, and the story takes place at a girls' boarding school in England in 1934. I know - sounds like a cliche. But it is quite surprising, in a number of ways. Read more... )
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Ehhh... my brain is just not cooperating this weekend. I thought I had so much to say, and I was going to make a long post last night... and then it just didn't happen.:/ Could be because there was TOO MUCH going on through my mind. I am in a classic premenstrual state of frenetic mental overdrive and high-strung emotions, and I have those endless paralell monologues bursting out of my skull that just go *POOF* when I try to write them down.:/ If that makes sense. Or rather, I know it doesn't, but that's just how it is. *sigh*

So, first I wanted to write about how suddenly the weather changed and how absolutely lovely it was to walk outside without a jacket. Then I wanted to write about the movie I watched on Friday night, because it was epic, and Heath Ledger was in it, and he just absolutely blew my mind. But I just ended up going through his profile on IMDB, reading all the interview quotes, and getting all gushy and emotional and wanting to cry because he's dead. So then I just wanted to post some of the quotes, and talk about how awesome the guy was, and how he would have made an absolutely PERFECT Lestat if he'd had the chance. Because OMG I can't even. But then I got distracted, because my favorite mp3 download site had a promotion that ended this weekend, and I had been meaning to look for some new music... and before I knew it, I had acquired a brand new obsession. Voltaire. As in, Voltaire the musician. This guy: )
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Wow... that was quite a busy weekend - for me, anyway (which is an obligatory disclaimer, I suppose, since I have noticed most people have a different definition of "busy", and might possibly interpret it as "relaxing"... LOL). Saturday included chiropractic appointment, grocery shopping AND an unplanned trip downtown to see a movie (more about that later). Sunday was spent mostly at my parents' house, doing the classic Easter binge.:) And today was supposed to be just chilling, sleeping in, taking a long, hot shower, cooking etc. - but somehow I decided I needed to add another shopping trip to the mix (possibly because my parents handed me some cash as a belated birthday present, LOL). So I only just had dinner now, and there isn't as much time left for LJ as I thought there would be... *sigh*

By the way, I had today off because I asked for it - it's not a holiday here, in case any of my European friends are wondering. Neither was Friday. We don't get any extra time off for Easter in this country. Or perhaps some workplaces with plenty of European and/or South American employees do, but mine doesn't. I just usually take Monday off if I am planning to visit my parents on the Sunday before it; otherwise I have to rush madly to get everything done, and that just defeats the purpose of a weekend for me, LOL.

But speaking of rushing madly - that's pretty much what I did on Saturday, having discovered Friday evening that they are showing Viggo's recent Argentinian movie at a theater downtown. This weekend only. It was a limited release, only in selected cities in the US, and when I first heard about it a while back, it was supposed to happen the week before (on the 22nd). So I simply assumed that if they weren't showing the film anywhere in Chicago on the 22nd, that meant Chicago wasn't included. But guess what? I checked the Chicago Reader website Friday at work, and there it was. Which almost gave me an anxiety attack, since at first I wasn't sure how I was going to fit in such a lengthy cinema trip into an already busy weekend (it's about an hour and a half, one way, to that downtown theater from where I live). But I HAD to fit it in, of course, and so I did.:D Hence the rushing, and quite a fair bit of angst, which resulted in poor sleep the night before, followed by a ridiculous degree of exhaustion throughout the day. But I did manage to see the movie, so it's all good.:P

In case anybody cares (other than [livejournal.com profile] meathiel, perhaps ;), the film is called Everyone Has a Plan, and Viggo plays a double role of two brothers with very different lives and personalities. Read more... )

Anyway... back to work tomorrow, so I should be getting ready for bed. I'll post more later... maybe.;) For now, I hope everyone had a nice celebration - whatever you celebrated this weekend - and I wish you all WARM, SUNNY, welcoming SPRING weather (which, from what I'm hearing, hasn't been much in evidence so far). Well, it was sunny here today, but very cold. Way, way too cold for April. I still had to wear my winter jacket... *grumbles*

Well... time to shut up now. Good night.;)
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