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Just a poem today, which I wrote at work this morning. Or rather it wrote itself, while I was staring blankly at a pile of circulation audits.:P

Am I inspired or what?... LOL )
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Firstly, checking in with an update on my parents. )

Okay... sorry. I just needed to let it out. *breathes* It's been a tiring day after a mostly sleepless night and I am feeling emotionally fragile at the moment. If any further proof is needed, here's a little poem I wrote last night. Or rather, it wrote itself at around 4 a.m., as I was lying in my bed, obviously Not Sleeping. )
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So... I am trying to make myself post something here every once in a while, just because I still care about some of the people who might actually read it... but the only thing I could come up with today, for some reason, is a bunch of old angsty poems. Don't really know why. I'm not horribly depressed or anything - just kind of pensive and, well... introvert (so what else is new, LOL). And it really bugs me that I don't seem to be able to write anymore... so I decided to console myself with translating stuff I had written years ago in another language. Just because I can - even if it has no bearing on anything going on in my life right now, and won't tell you anything you needed to know about me, besides the fact that I've had my share of unhappy and/or unhealthy relationships (which could be why I decided that reading slash is more fun, somehow). In a way, it also feels good to be so distanced from my own angst that I can treat it simply as an exercise in translation. Go me. Or whatever. *shrug*

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Another poem - just because. )
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I found the little notebook with my old poems - from back when I still wrote stuff inspired by my own personal experience (as opposed to someone else's fictional characters... lol). They are mostly very short and kinda haiku-like - as well as rather morbid, since they were a form of autotherapy. But because they're short and simple, it occurred to me I should be able to translate at least some of them into English without losing much of their character. Just as a little linguistic exercise... and because I never shared some of them with anyone.

So... here goes a sample. )


Apr. 30th, 2006 02:00 pm
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So, today is the last day of April - the Poetry Month. Which I have totally neglected to mention so far. I just wasn't in the mood for poetry, I guess - until I saw a gorgeous Aragorn manip made by [profile] akashaelfwitch as a "poetry prompt" at the Adult_Viggo Yahoo!Group. It stole my breath away, and ispired me to put into words what I believe an intimate companion of this glorious specimen of mankind might be thinking while watching him take his rest...

manip and poem under the cut )
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Finally!!! The Legolas_Aragorn_Slash March/April Challenge winners have been anounced. I was extremely lucky, since I happened to be the only one who submitted a poem and therefore got a prize for it.;P A lovely wallpaper, which I am unfortunately too moronic to know how to post in my LJ.:((( Which reminds me... [personal profile] romika once offered to tell me how to hide a link behind a word. I could really use that knowledge now, baby... *bats eyelashes at Romi, who is hopefully not too busy to spare a glance my way...*

So um... before I learn how to display banners and wallpapers, I can at least post the winning poem itself. Here it goes:

Title: Remembrance
Author: floatingleaf
Pairing: Aragorn/Legolas
Rating: PG
Summary: If Aragorn could write poetry, this is what he would say to his elf in appreciation of their long-term commitment to each other...
Disclaimer: I am sure Tolkien didn't mean it this way. But I do.;P

still mine after all these years )

I have also submitted a drabble. It is the first drabble I have ever written, btw. And I got a nice banner for it too.:)

Title: The Royal Couple
Author: floatingleaf
Pairing: Aragorn/Legolas
Rating: G
Summary: The King and the Prince Consort on the morning of their anniversary.
Disclaimer: The characters belong to Tolkien.

Aragorn wakes to the touch of nimble fingers playing with his hair )
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Just because I feel so inspired by some lovely, gifted people on my flist (hopefully they will guess who they are ;)) and by LJ in general, I wrote a poem today. It sort of came to me while I was in the bathtub.;) Nothing too groundbreaking - just some reflections on what LiveJournal means to me...

a home made of words )
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