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I wanted to post tonight, but I got swallowed up by Tumblr and DeviantArt. Again. So, instead of a coherent, verbose, informative entry (that would have bored you to tears, more likely than not), I offer you a brief, succinct graphic explanation of the basic difference between extroverts and introverts (which is, of course, extremely relevant to the general themes pursued in his journal). Found on DeviantArt. The artist's name is Ambelle1120. )
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Allright. So I defeated the dustbunnies today (there were ridiculous amounts of them all over the place, but now they're GONE). And then I made food. And then I did the final segment of Anat Baniel's "Healthy Necks & Shoulders" exercise program (which I've been going through, for the second or third time, for the past two weeks). (By the way, those exercises are awesome, and if you haven't heard of Anat Baniel, do yourself a favor and check her out; her DVD's are pricey, but worth every penny and then some, especially if you have any back or neck pain, or feel older then you think you should. She is a powerful healer, in the widest sense of the word.) Oh, and I also ordered some Christmas gifts online. In short, I can't remember the last time I felt so productive.;D

AND I uploaded some icons I had found last night. See, I realized I didn't have any icons from Interview with the Vampire, and suddenly it seemed imperative that I find some. Read more... )
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Had my chiropractic appointment this morning. Didn't make it there, because the stupid bus didn't show up on time. I hate you, Chicago Transit Authority. Making me late for work is one thing, but making me miss my acupuncture is quite another. *fumes* The neck is killing me something fierce, let me tell you.:( Luckily for me, I could reschedule for Monday afternoon, since I have Monday off. Otherwise, I would have to wait another two weeks, which would be a nightmare.

Visiting parents tomorrow, since my permanently busy and highly elusive sister has promised to show up. Good timing, since I am almost done re-reading The Vampire Lestat and need to borrow the next volume in the series.:) Actually, I should just pack up the entire Anne Rice shelf and bring it over to my place - but most of the books are huge, heavy hardbacks, which my sister prefers for some reason (I am all about paperbacks, btw - much more convenient to carry around and cuddle up in bed with, LOL), so it's not quite manageable. And anyway, I am a slow reader when it comes to books, because most of my reading time is spent online.:) So I'll just grab whatever fits into my bag for the moment.

But speaking of the vampire Lestat - I had a dream about him this morning. Read more... )
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Happy New Year, Dear Flist! Here's a little something to make you smile - a very short, hilarious interview with Viggo, David Cronenberg & Vincent Cassel that someone just posted on [livejournal.com profile] viggo_daily:

I couldn't resist sharing it, because it made me LOL despite the generally crappy mood I'm in right now (nothing to do with being by myself on New Year's Eve - everything to do with Mother Nature being a bitch and making my period start about five days early this month, introduced by a vicious headache).

Anyway... no worries, dear Viggo - I will never send you dirty underwear in the mail.:D My fannish obsession - even for you - doesn't go QUITE that far. Thank God. *headshake*

The Hour has struck!!! I think it's officially OK to go to bed now...:P
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Stolen from [personal profile] taelyn_sass:

You Are a Danish

You are sweet and optimistic. You find a lot to be happy about in this world, and you are easy on yourself.

You love to take it easy, and you prefer when things are peaceful. You don't mind a little solitude.

Because you are your own best friend, you find it easy to be a good friend to others.

You are patient and kind. You understand that people need acceptance more than anything else.

I am a Danish. A DANISH! Get that, fellow Viggo fans?... *massive wink* :D
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I seem to have recovered from my minor bout of sniffy autumn blues.;) All it took was some nasal spray, medicinal herbal tea, Halls candy, homeopathic pills, hot milk with honey & garlic (grandma's recipe.;) and lots of sleep.:) Also, the sun came out, which definitely helped. It's still chilly outside, but not nearly as bad as it had been (I still sleep in my fleece pajamas, but the space heater is off for the time being). The weather forecast for the next few days looks bright and promising - let's hope it will stay that way through at least part of my vacation... *crosses fingers*

I checked the festival website last night, and guess what? A Dangerous Method has sold out already. I am SO glad I got my ticket in advance!!... *wibbles* It was definitely a wise decision. *nods sagely* ;)

I have tons of stuff I want to talk about, but as usual when that happens, can't make up my mind where to start. How about something funny then? )
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Hello and Happy New Year, everyone. I sure had fun last night. Want to know what I was doing? What had me so preoccupied that I barely noticed the stroke of midnight?... Well... I was playing with dolls. No, not my own lost and broken childhood relics, or the stunningly gorgeous and horrifically expensive Japanese ball-joint hotties that I wish I could afford. And not the sex-shop kind either.:P I spent hours entertaining myself, quietly and at no cost whatsoever, with the Candybar Doll Maker. And I didn't even need alcohol to make this fun (though I did have some, just because it seemed stupid NOT to have any on New Year's Eve... lol). Read more... )

So, without further ado, here's a multiracial party parade.:) (I couldn't find a way of changing a doll's skin color, so I didn't make a black or a very dark-skinned doll; but I tried for some variety with facial features and other details instead)

virtual cuties under the cut ;) )
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Snagged from [personal profile] taelyn_sass:

Your result for What Spice Are You Test...

You are Thyme!

10% Habanero, 20% Sage, 40% Thyme, 0% Ginger, 20% Garlic, 0% Curry, 0% Cinnamon and 10% Oregano!

You are very tolerant and strong!

You can be a very mild person, but you are still very strong and determined. There are times when you are quite colorful and other times when you prefer to stay out of the limelight.

You love to smell good and to stay clean. You probably live by the motto "cleanliness is next to godliness."

You can be very sweet, but you would hate for anyone to describe you that way. You more than likely are one of those people that cry at sad parts in movies but pretend that you aren't crying at all.

You definitely have your own unique way about you - in your speech, dress, and appearance. You don't have to go by the status quo because you feel it's more important to be true to who you are.

Take What Spice Are You Test
at HelloQuizzy

Strong and determined?... That's interesting. I keep getting that kind of result from various personality tests lately, and I'm still not convinced of its accuracy - but perhaps there's something there. I can be determined if I want something badly enough - not that it happens very often, lol. Mostly I tend to have a hard time deciding whether something is worth being determined about.:P

Oh, and I usually have no problem admitting that I do cry at sad parts in movies.;)

In other news, Viggo just totally cracked me up. I've been checking out some of his recent interviews from Poland posted on [profile] viggo_vid (the few rare ones that are NOT in 'flv' format, since for some strange reason my computer does not recognize this file format and will not play it, no matter what...:/), and in one of them he was asked how he felt about being considered one of the sexiest men on the planet. So first he just laughed, a bit self-consciously, and said that those times are probably over now (earlier there was a question about his age and what's his secret to looking so young, and he just shrugged and said it must be the genes). Then he proceeded to assure the interviewer that there are probably two or three plumbers right there in the city of Lodz that someone might find sexier than him. LOL. Now, I will mercifully spare everyone my own personal opinion on the attractiveness of an average Polish plumber, but still... poor dear Viggo. He just can't handle being a sex symbol. *chortle*
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I've been having amusing dreams lately. Featuring none other than our precious boy Orlando.;) I wonder why, whenever I happen to dream about him, it's always something weird or funny. Like that one about a New Year's Eve party, where he was dancing in a tight, glittering mini-dress.:D Well, anyway... last night I "dreamed him up" as a check-out clerk at a supermarket. Totally charming in his full-on flirty mode, goofing around and chatting up the ladies like a pro.;) So flawlessly customer-minded... so utterly gay.:P But that's not the most amusing dream. There were two or three others some time ago, where I was sort of trying to have sex with him. *gasp* Why were they funny?... Well... because I didn't really have much of a clue how to go about this - and neither did he. We were both sort of experimenting...;P Now, I know pretty well what it says about me - and no surprise here whatsoever - but what does it say about Orlando?... *snicker* I know, I know... preaching to the choir here, but never mind. When I told [livejournal.com profile] akashaelfwitch about it, she suggested that we should both ask Viggo for detailed instructions.:P He surely knows how to deal with both sexes in intimate circumstances...:D

In other news, I splurged at Amazon yesterday. Again. I pre-ordered the new edition of LOTR DVD's that's supposed to include some previously unreleased behind-the-scenes material, and is coming out at the end of August. I knew I had to have it as soon as I heard about it, and I figured it might sell out pretty fast, since it's a limited edition (plus, you never know if the price isn't gonna jump up once it actually becomes available; now it's below $17.00 for each of the three boxed sets, which I think is pretty reasonable). In addition, I am expecting two more Lacrimosa albums. So my total count will be seven soon.:) There are actually ten or eleven available at Amazon, including a live one and one made up of B-sides of singles - and I think I'm going to eventually get them all - but I try to take it slowly for fear of dying on the spot from the goodness overload.;) I am lost, I swear. I don't even feel like listening to much else lately, which is unusual for me. I know I tend to obsess about stuff like music, books or films... but I stay faithfull to most of these obsessions. Which means none of them is likely to completely root out the others. Except I feel like this is going to happen right about now. Nothing else sounds quite so right anymore...

Anyway. I would say more, but I promised myself to REALLY go to sleep before midnight for once... *tired sigh*
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WOOHOO!!! I just bought my own brand new official copy of A History of Violence. And I have to say there are few things that brighten up my day as much as a DVD with a close-up of Viggo on the cover.:D

But before I pop it in to gorge on all the additional footage, I am going to honor a request made by a certain anonymous lurker.;) Said lurker wishes to see the doll-images I have made of some of my exes (I wonder why - hmmm... ;P). *bites lower lip and ducks anonymously thrown pillows* ;D What? I am not saying anything. The names of said persons will not be revealed. And the likeness of the dolls to real people is far from perfect (which reads, basically, as follows: no matter how hard I tried to "butch them up", they still look far too feminine... LOL).

So here it is - if you who might recognize yourself (or not) are not happy about this highly symbolic representation, remember you asked for it! :D )
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OK, this is a silly post. Since [livejournal.com profile] crimsonsenya expressed her curiosity about my Candybar Doll Maker antics, here goes a sample - a little more subdued and down-to-earth than the one on my user info page...

click here to see what the extremely humble and unassuming Floating Leaf would look like after a total makeover and shedding about 20 pounds :P )
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