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Ahhh, Gods... life is a whirlwind of crazy at the moment. Work is getting hectic, and it shouldn't be, not at this time of year - I wasn't expecting that, and I do not approve. *scowls* We have a fucking PHONE CALL PROJECT (my favorite thing, right next to pushing a boulder up a steep hill, or poking myself in the eye with scissors, or... well, you get the picture). I may not actually feel suicidal because of it... but I am certainly pissed off. I almost wish the boss hadn't returned to the office after her surgery; it was so blissfully quiet while she was gone...

That's the bad crazy. The good crazy is my new enthusiastic VC friend, who is almost single-handedly trying to revive the semi-catatonic fandom, and doing a pretty good job of it, too.;) Read more... )

Oh, and another thing before I sign off: I've been itching for some new music, and I've found a perfect cure for that particular affliction.:) Abney Park. As recommended by [livejournal.com profile] meathiel. I just finished downloading over 40 tracks from Soundike.com. They are AWESOME. I have a feeling I'll be playing them to death over the next few weeks...:D

Here's a lovely fanvid to illustrate my point:

So thanks again, Kerstin. And feel free to throw more recs at me, whenever. Your taste in music is exquisite...;)
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As you may have noticed, my brain hasn't been very cooperative in the posting department of late. It's not that I have nothing to talk about - it's more that on most evenings, formulating coherent sentences seems too much of an effort. I read my flist every day - I just don't have the wherewithall to comment much (if any). It's as though I have become even more introverted, if at all possible (now that's a troubling thought, if I ever had one... LOL). I am also in a strange physical/mental state resulting - most likely - from the hormonal changes my body seems to be going through. Read more... )
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So I went to this training session today. Had to get up at 5:30, which was, all by itself, quite traumatic.;) Then I somehow got off the bus at the wrong place again (despite having taken the trip beforehand) and couldn't find the train station (which was very close to where I was, actually, but I just didn't see it for some reason). Whereupon I panicked that I was going to be late, and almost took the bus in the wrong direction (luckily I got my bearings before I made that mistake, LOL). Then the train I got on was awfully crowded, and I almost panicked that I wasn't going to be able to squeeze out of it when my stop came along. In short, I was incredibly tense by the time I arrived (I was 20 minutes early, btw). Read more... )
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Today our data entry system at work went down. Hardware issues, they said. Won't get fixed in a few hours. So they let us go home at 2 p.m. If only that happened more often... LOL. But seriously, it was a blessing, since I needed to make some phone calls, and I hate doing that from work. The thing is, I've been trying to find a dentist. That may seem like a piece of cake with so many medical/dental offices all over town - but I have at least three vital factors to consider, which limit my choices to a significant degree. Namely, said dentist has to be in the network for my insurance plan; the office location has to be somewhere I can get by public transport; and they must have late afternoon/evening and/or Saturday appointments available (due to my bus schedule, anything earlier than 4:30 p.m. would pretty much force me to take an entire day off work; and at that rate I would run out of personal/vacation time in a blink). I had almost given up on the possibility of having all these conditions fulfilled at the same time; but it looks like I got lucky today. Read more... )

I other news, there is a heat advisory in effect until tomorrow night. Which means high risk of heatstroke if you spend too much time outside. I don't know how much is too much, but I'm afraid I don't really need to go outside at all to run the risk of heatstroke these days.:/ Unless I sit right next to my a/c unit.:D Oh well... hopefully I'll survive, and they're promising thunderstorms this weekend, which should cool the air a little bit (won't help the humidity, though :|).

Oh, and I have a nice five-day break coming up, since next Wednesday is 4th of July, and our office is closing early on Tuesday - so I took both Monday & Tuesday off. Getting five consecutive days off for the price of 12 vacation hours, as it were. Smart, innit?...;) Of course, most of that time will be eaten up by mundane tasks like cleaning (unless it's too hot for that), laundry and visiting the parents ("regular" weekends are always somehow too short for any of the above). But I should be able to fit in 2/3 movies and some LJ-time as well.:)

Damn... how did it get so late again?... Btw, we are supposed to call in tomorrow morning before we leave for work, to make sure they fixed our data entry system. If they haven't, we might get a late start, or possibly - dare I say it? - a "free" day off. Keep your fingers crossed.:P
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So there's this new lovely Viggo article in the New York Times Style magazine. Called Viggo Talks and Talks.:D With quite a few nice photos, I might add. You can view the whole thing here (someone kindly provided the link on [livejournal.com profile] viggo_daily):


My favorite part:

Mortensen’s combination of cheekbones and limpid-eyed sincerity has tended to inspire a slightly awestruck tone in journalists over the years. Some of their more breathless accounts of his chilled-out, barefoot demeanor have come perilously close to making him sound a bit of a pill: a parody of the soulful gypsy artiste, all flared nostrils and rippling Kant quotations. Happily, he is not really as oppressively soulful or as grandiose as such reports might suggest. He is earnest, God knows, and his pronouncements on life and art verge, occasionally, on the sententious. But he’s not a preening nostril-flarer. What he brings to mind, more than anything, is your older brother’s hippie friend from childhood — the one who played you your first Velvet Underground album and instructed you in Trotskyist politics.

Yep. That's our Viggo. The one we all know and love. *sporfle*

And now for something completely different - long, work-related rant under the cut. )
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So, the Chicago International Film Festival schedule is finally out. A Dangerous Method will be shown on Monday the 10th. Only once, with no special bells & whistles attached. Same goes for The Three Musketeers, which I suppose would be the chief attraction to all the Orlando fans on my flist.;) They're showing it on Sunday the 16th - at roughly the same time as another Orlando movie, The Good Doctor. Yes, really. I know that, technically, each of these two films is aimed at a totally different audience - but those who would like to see Orlando in both will have to choose (again, each one will be shown only once). Which kinda sucks. All things considered, I think I'm picking the Doctor. The Musketeers will be in 3D, and I'm not sure how that works for people who wear regular glasses... I've read online accounts of migraines and such among some 3D viewers with various sorts of visual impairment, which makes me a little wary. Anyway... I wasn't too crazy to see that one ASAP. My chief aim is to catch some foreign rarities which might never get a wide release, or even a DVD, here in the States. That's what I did last year - and at least one of the films I saw then STILL isn't available through Netflix. So, points for me.;)

In other news, we had a company meeting at work yesterday, due to which I had to get up at 4:30 a.m. Yes, you got that right: FOUR THIRTY. It was at a remote suburban location, and they provided bus transport to all the employees who either couldn't or didn't want to drive to the location themselves; but the bus was scheduled to leave the office at seven, so I needed to leave home at six. Honestly, I'm not quite sure how I did it, and if I never have to do it again, it will be too soon.:P I'm still recovering from the drastic disruption of my regular sleeping schedule...

Speaking of which... yeah, it's bedtime again.:/ *signs off*
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Today was the hottest day so far, this year (and quite possibly this decade, since I don't remember ever feeling THIS hot here in Chicago; the only time I've EVER felt this hot was during my New Orleans trip in 2005). It was... infernal. And of course, I turn the A/C off when I leave in the morning, because I am gone for 10-11 hours each day, and the electric bills this summer are going to be high enough as it is. So when I got back home tonight, it was like walking into a furnace.:/ Within minutes, there were rivulets of sweat trickling down my body. Then I had a brief moment of panic when I thought that my air conditioner wasn't working anymore. It got sort of quiet for a few minutes, blowing air but not cooling it at all. But then, gradually, the air coming out of it started to cool down again. It's not COLD by any description, but it is COOLER then the air within the apartment - and that, for now, is enough. It has to be.:/ I still feel sticky, but it's tolerable. *wipes brow*

Also, the boss told me today that I was approved for a 3.5% raise, starting next week. I wasn't expecting that, so it's a nice surprise. It may not seem like much, but the most I ever got was 4% - and some people in our department get even less (2% is the norm - or so I am told). The news was accompanied by lavish praise for my "achievements" and the successful training of our new hire, as well as a nice letter of appreciation from our CEO. And I don't even feel like I've done anything out of the ordinary. See, that's the thing about my workplace - they may not pay much, but they surely know how to make you feel important.:D

No other news from my half-melted brain tonight - but I have a meme snagged from [profile] samtyr:

Say “Hey there, Leaf!” and:
- I’ll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better.
- Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
- Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

Her questions - and my answers - are under the cut. Read more... )
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Today we had our annual summer outing at work - just like last year, it consisted of lunch and bowling at that lovely Italian place in a far-out suburb. I couldn't care less for bowling, but the food was exquisite, and I had entirely too much of it. *massages aching stomach* Those are the dangers of an open buffet - once you start heaping stuff on your plate, it takes a will of iron to stop before the plate is overflowing. *sigh* And, since there was still plenty of food left over after everyone finished stuffing themselves silly, they handed us a stack of plastic containers and said to take some home (they were going to throw it out anyway). I packed three boxes.:D

Oh, and btw, I had to get up at 5 a.m., because the shuttle bus they provided for those of us who don't drive was scheduled to leave the office at 7:45 (as usual, there was a company meeting before lunch). In the early morning confusion (my brain doesn't really wake up until sometime around 8 a.m.) and anxiety at the prospect of being late and keeping everyone waiting for me, I actually got to the office around 7:15. It felt surreal to be there so early. I know a lot of people at our company start work at seven... but to me that feels just WRONG on some very deep level.:P Thankfully, we have the flexibility to pick a schedule of anywhere between 7:00-3:30 and 9:00-5:30. And yes, nine is STILL a bit too early, if you ask me - but I can cope with that, at least.

I tried to take a nap after I got home around 4 p.m., but I ended up getting sucked into the tumultous universe of Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel series. I am now reading the second part in the trilogy - Kushiel's Chosen. I've been dragging this out as much as I possibly could, because I HATE to finish a great book too soon (I tend to suffer from withdrawal after I'm done ;) - but these novels are REALLY, REALLY hard to put down, even for me (the master of restraint, used to fanfic authors ending WIP chapters on nasty cliffhangers and having you wait months for the next one... LOL). The suspense is almost intolerable at times, and the plot twists make your head spin. Plus, I absolutely LOVE the characters. )
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Again, I'm suffering from an abundance of "thinky thoughts" and total inability to prioritize when it comes to putting them down.:/ I've been traipsing all over LJ reading tons of interesting stuff, checking out new potential friends and communities and generally just expanding my horizons, in a way. Which is very exciting, but also frustrating in that I have no time to PROCESS all this new information - by which I mean, TALK about it ad infinitum.:) It seems I can afford to either read stuff or discuss/write about it - and I want to do both. Badly. Why is "real life" such a mean, selfish, inconsiderate, time-consuming pain in the nether regions, dammit?... *grumbles*

Yes, work is going to be very distracting over the next few weeks, because I am preparing training materials for the new hire (still anonymous, so far, but the boss has been interviewing candidates for the past few days) - in addition to the regular stuff, which currently happens to be our biggest annual media guide getting ready for print. Yeah. Talk about timing.:/ Why, oh why couldn't the new hire wait till after we're done with this massive book?... I can multitask to a degree, but if there is too much going on at once, my brain tends to switch into panic mode. Or at least into angsty/whiny mode, which isn't fun either.:/

At least the parking ticket situation seems to have been resolved. The current owner of my former mode of transportation emailed me back, saying he will take care of it. Right on time too, because after two unsuccessful attempts to reach him by phone I was almost ready to start calling the City of Chicago Department of Revenue's customer service and begging them to please believe me that I did sell the car, even though I can't provide a single piece of evidence to that effect. *headdesk* Now at least I have his email as proof that the car is no longer my responsibility - should I receive any further correspondence from the City in the near future. Which I hopefully won't. *crosses fingers*

Now back to reading, because obviously it's too late to write more today. *sniff*
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OMG where do I start. I feel like my brain is exploding with stuff I need to say, but I just don't have the time and/or energy to put those thoughts into any semblance of order, and it's frustrating beyond belief. Also, stupid mundane problems keep getting in the way. *sigh*

1) The weather has been positively insane for the past two weeks or so. Read more... )

2) The boss is planning to hire a new part-time work-at-home person, who will be trained and supervised mostly by yours truly. Read more... )

3) I received notice of a parking violation from May 20th. Not my violation, obviously, since I sold the car on April 25th. However, I don't have any proof that I did so, and it would appear that technically, according to the City of Chicago, I am still the registered owner of the vehicle (since I am the one who got the notice). Read more... )

4) I watched another great film last weekend - The Man of My Life (French, directed by Zabou Breitman). Read more... )

5) My "quest for (sexual) identity" goes on. Apparently, as I just discovered a few hours ago, in addition to asexuality there is also a thing called "demisexuality", defined as being attracted ONLY to people with whom you share a deep emotional connection. As in, falling in love with someone FIRST, and ONLY THEN wanting to sleep with them. Not to be confused with refraining from casual sex for any sort of religious/cultural reasons. The term "demisexuality" refers to people who have NO DESIRE for sex unless - and until - they love someone. And that, dear friends and casual readers, is me RIGHT THERE. Read more... )
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Snagged from [personal profile] gairid:

You were born during a First Quarter moon

This phase occurs in the middle of the moon's waning phases, after the full moon and before the new moon.

- what it says about you -

You like to make up your own mind. You may find it hard to relate to mainstream opinions on issues, and you definitely don't always like what's popular. You can work out solutions and give birth to big ideas when left to yourself, and other people will be impressed with your conclusions even if they're not sure how you arrived at them.

What phase was the moon at on your birthday? Find out at Spacefem.com

Again, surprisingly accurate. Maybe except for those big ideas that other people are impressed with... LOL.

highly insignificant news under the cut )


Mar. 7th, 2011 10:37 pm
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Any recommendations for herbal remedies/relaxation techniques to fight a vicious PMS? I think I am reaching a new level of Pissed Off Hormonal Bitch, or something to that effect. I've been incredibly irritable today, for no good reason (other than PMS, obviously). I snapped at a coworker who was trying to help me with something (I apologized later, and she's not mad at me, but still); then I got terribly upset about another coworker's messy/haphazard approach to a certain task (that's how he is, and I know it, and usually I find it either amusing or only mildly irritating; but today I felt like strangling the guy with my bare hands); then I had an obsessive-compulsive fit of frantically trying to fix his mess at the last minute (after he had already left for the day), which resulted in leaving the building a minute too late and narrowly missing the bus - and then having to wait 40 minutes for the next one.:/ (And no, I couldn't go back to the office and do some more work during those 40 minutes, because, due to some stupid rules, we are not allowed to work after 6 p.m.)

As for why I was taking the bus in the first place... Well, my driver's license just expired. Here in the US it normally expires on your birthday. Also, you normally get a renewal notice/reminder in the mail. I didn't get anything (no idea why, btw) - so I almost forgot about it. Besides, I thought I would be able to renew it online this time - but no such luck. Since I haven't received the reminder with a code to enter into the online form, I have to physically go to the nearest drivers' facility - which closes at 5 p.m. I work till 5:30. And we are insanely busy this week - still, or again, or however you look at it. This time the busy doesn't involve any phone calls, at least for me - so it's more manageable. But still. This is the stuff I normally work on, the stuff I feel responsible for. I don't actually WANT to take any time off until after the nearest deadline - so I decided to use public transportation for the time being, just in case. After today, though, I am pretty much discouraged from that idea. Since I can't seem to vacate the premises early enough to catch the last bus, due to being unable to leave someone else's mess unsorted on the desk. *massive sigh*

The funny thing is, I am not being paid nearly enough to justify this sort of attitude. I should just say "screw it" and blithely shirk any and all responsibility for someone else's shortcomings. But if we are all working on the same project, and I feel somehow accountable for the quality of said project, then I can't just sit back and watch someone be totally non-anal-retentive about it. *headdesk* When did I become such a control freak?... Is this ridiculously insignificant (in the grand scheme of things, anyway) job beginning to take over my life? Should I seek therapy?...
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Another week passed in a blur. Yes, I did receive another list of people to contact, and I did make more calls; some from home in the morning, and some from the office late in the day, after most of my coworkers had left (this time my list included a few papers from Western US, in the Pacific time zone, which is two hours behind Chicago - so calling them early in the morning really wasn't an option). One guy left me a voicemail asking to call him back regarding the email I'd sent him - and I did. This was early afternoon, but luckily the three people sitting closest to me had left their desks at almost the same time; I took that as a sign that I should call now, lol. I was nervous, of course, but not nearly as much as I would have been a few weeks earlier, I think. It is always a little easier for me to talk to someone who has left me a message first - especially if their voice sounds pleasant/friendly and I can understand every word they're saying - than to call a complete stranger. But regardless - I think I am making progress here. Slow and painful, but progress nonetheless. The main thing is, I am no longer afraid of this project. I still find it draining, bothersome and annoying - but I am not likely to have nightmares about it anymore. So maybe I should thank my boss for forcing me to face my limitations. Btw, I have very good results (over 90%, which was the goal), and it looks like we are done for now. I am so relieved I feel almost dizzy, lol. I just don't have the energy to worry about anything else at this point. All I want to do this weekend is sleep in, read fiction, watch a good film etc.

I haven't had much energy for commenting either - it was as if my brain kept shutting down every evening around 8-9 p.m. or so. I could read, but had no capacity for formulating thoughts etc. And writing emails was way too much work.:/ Btw, two good old friends emailed me this week, worried by my prolonged silence.:( I mean, I am usually the one pestering people about not writing to me often enough. I must have been really mentally preoccupied to let this happen. *sigh*

Anyway... I think I'll turn in now. Let me just wrap it up with some massive, heartfelt ***HUGS*** for [personal profile] stormatdusk. She will know why. <3333333
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Should I attempt an update? I get twitchy if I don't post anything here for an entire week or more.:) On the other hand, I don't really have the time for a lengthy rant - and after a week of not posting, a lengthy rant is precisely what I'm in the mood for. *sigh*

This week has been extremely exhausting. Read more... )
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More exciting winter-related news: yesterday's commute to work took about two hours, due to the first bus being late and then crawling at a snail's pace, and then the second bus also being ridiculously late. I had to stay in the office till 6 p.m. (on a Friday!) just to make up my regular hour count for the week.:/ Forget overtime. As it turns out, it wasn't available anyway, despite what the boss had said earlier. Not that I'm complaining about not having to get up at 5:30 this morning - but my point is, overtime at my workplace is never a guaranteed, reliable thing. It might seem at the beginning of the week that we have enough work for everyone to be able to put in a few extra hours - but then, as the week progresses, it might turn out that the work went faster than expected and we should be done with most of it by Friday afternoon. This has happened many times. In most cases, I was actually relieved at not having to work extra - but now that I could totally use some extra money, I have mixed feelings about it. Oh well. It's beyond my control, anyway. *shrug*

In other news, I went to check on the car and found that the snowpile around the wheels had significantly diminished since Wednesday. I was also a soft, wet, melty pile, because the weather has warmed up considerably. So I kicked at it with my boots for a few minutes, and then I got in the car and was actually able to move it. Read more... )
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There is a raging blizzard outside. It's supposed to keep raging throughout the Midwest until tomorrow afternoon, at least. My workplace closed early today, and they have already sent out a voicemail to all employees anouncing that it will also be closed tomorrow. Now, this is no small potatoes. Our office is never closed. The lady who retired last year told me once that in all 30+ years she had worked there, this happened maybe once or twice. So I am still in a state of mild shock over this... lol. As well as IMMENSELY relieved that I DO NOT have to go outside tomorrow. My windows are rattling something fierce right now. I took public transportation to work today, because the thought of driving in a blizzard was giving me hives - and let me just tell you that the commute back home wasn't fun. If I were just a few pounds lighter, I might have accidentally learned to fly on my way from the bus stop.;) But I think I made it before the worst of the storm. There's not a living soul to be seen outside by now. I think pretty much all the schools/businesses in the area will be closed tomorrow - including the O'Hare airport (I know, because a coworker's husband works there). I'm not sure about grocery stores - but luckily I don't have to visit one until next weekend. The one thing I'm worried about is a possible power outage - but my heating is not electric, so even if I do lose power, at least I will not freeze to death (there is a major Arctic front expected tomorrow, in addition to the storm). Which is definitely a comforting thought. *shivers*

Now, the question is whether I will be able to use my car on Thursday morning. It's out there on the street, covered in snow, and will most likely be a frozen little pile of junk metal by then. Not that I necessarily want to be driving it on icy roads either - but if it doesn't start/gets stuck in the snow etc., I will have a problem. God, I so want that car off my hands, I can't even. *sigh*

Anyway... since I'm here and my internet is still working (yay!), I might just as well do another installment of the nearly-forgotten 30-day meme.:)

Day 06 - Your day, in great detail )
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Incredibly enough, I've had a really high response rate to my email blast so far. I've also found a lot of new rate information online. Which means I will only need to call five papers, at the most. Hopefully fewer, if any of those remaining five get back to me by Wednesday. I can handle that, probably. Which doesn't mean I will not be a nervous wreck - just that I might manage to keep a lid on it for my coworkers' benefit. *sigh*

Also, there will be overtime next week. Up to 10 hours for everyone on my team. Since I need extra cash pretty badly, I SHOULD be taking as many extra hours as I am being offered. The thing is, I can't do 10 extra hours unless I start earlier than usual in the morning, because we are not allowed to stay in the building past 6 p.m. And on Saturdays we have to vacate the premises by 2 p.m. So if I start at 9 a.m., I can put in 7 extra hours at the most (well, 7.5, assuming I am never late - which is a very unrealistic assumption, I have to admit). So, should I attempt to drag my ass out of bed earlier just to make the additional thirty bucks per week or so, after taxes and shit and stuff?... Or should I just say fuck it? Read more... )
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Sooo... I didn't have to report for jury duty after all. Not this time. Which means they will most likely summon me again later this year. Maybe it will happen at a more convenient time... but then again, maybe not.

I also didn't get very sick, after all. I just had a sore throat, basically, which was a bother, but passed after a few days (and several gallons of hot tea with plenty of honey). So I didn't skip any work in the end.

Thanks to which I didn't miss out on the next round of my favorite office project.:/ You know, the one where we are supposed to make phone calls to various newspapers and verify their advertising rates. At first, the boss didn't include me in this at all - knowing how much I detest phone calls - and I felt so grateful I just wanted to hug her and cry. But then another coworker was off sick for a few days, and this is a time-sensitive project, so she ended up splitting her list between the two of us. She gave me the OK to send emails first and only start calling people if they don't respond by next Tuesday, but still... I bet some calls will have to be made. The question is, how many. This is, of course, majorly contributing to my extremely relaxed and peaceful frame of mind.:/

I just feel like it's always something these days: one disaster averted, another looming on the horizon waiting to happen. I am stumbling through it all by focusing on the here and now, but my soul is in hibernation mode. I am weary and cold inside and just want to sleep...
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So, that workplace holiday lunch I mentioned? A very lavish affair. Despite my angsting over the location - or maybe because of it, lol - I got there quite early and found the restaurant after just a few minutes of driving around (the entrance was at the back of the building, and there was another restaurant/cafe at the front - which possibly explains why I couldn't find it before). So I had ample time to grab a cup of tea and a bagel + some fruit before the meeting started. There was still room for me at the table where most of my teammates were sitting, and several people complimented me on my outfit (nothing fancy, but I guess I'd never worn it to work before). The meeting dragged on a bit, as usual, but finally lunchtime arrived.:) OMG SO MUCH FOOD. )


Sep. 25th, 2010 11:57 pm
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So, my chiropractor says I basically created another trigger point right there between my spine and my right shoulder blade (in addition to the two at the base of my neck). And I just have to be extra careful not to overwork that muscle. So no lugging heavy bags on my right shoulder. She put some needles in there today, applied some pressure to release the tension in the sore spot and tried to do an adjustment - but my back was too tight for the adjustment to work, so I am due for another appointment in two weeks. In the meantime, I am supposed to do some "cat stretches" and drink plenty of water (it's a good thing to remember that proper hydration can actually prevent muscle injury). The pain has eased much over the past few days, btw, so hopefully it won't get worse again unless I do something stupid (I was VERY careful with the shopping bags today and used only the left shoulder to carry the bigger ones, so I think I'll be fine).

Another thing that looks very promising as a source of long-term relief in the muscle department is this cool website I was directed to by [livejournal.com profile] stormatdusk:


This woman basically invented a whole system of innovative exercises designed specifically to prevent and/or treat chronic pain and repetitive stress injuries - like those sustained by people who spend most of their time glued to the computer screen. Can I just say it's a godsend?... LOL. I got hooked immediately and signed up for this nifty "Desk Trainer" program, where a little animated guy tells you how to move your head/neck/arms etc. for a few minutes to avoid/relieve muscle stifness or pain. It's really cool, simple, effortless and can be done as often as needed. I'll be sure to take at least 1-2 such short exercise breaks every day. There are also CD's and DVD's with detailed exercise programs targetting specific areas of the body. I am seriously thinking of ordering some - but first I will do the free 42-minute mp3 lesson I have downloaded from the website (haven't had a chance to listen to the whole thing yet). If the exercise method is really as effective as the website claims, I should be feeling some positive change after that already. But we'll see. I just really like the holistic approach towards physical/mental wellbeing that those exercises seem to promote. I also like the idea of natural, chemical-free pain relief (like many people in the US, I have become extremely wary of the pharmaceutical industry - "taking a pill" is usually a last resort for me). So I suppose I might really get into this. I'll be sure to share the experience here if that happens.:)

random work-related rant under the cut )
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