Jun. 22nd, 2015

floatingleaf: (field of poppies)
OK, first of all, I am an idiot. Yes, the monthly premium for my health insurance plan is ca $390, but I am actually paying ca $240, because I get a government subsidy due to my present low income. That was the whole point of that insurance agent guy getting on the phone with me and talking me through the application. I just didn't catch onto it until I got the actual invoice. See, I need to have things down in writing before they can start to make any sort of sense.:P

Second of all, I feel so incredibly busy with all the stuff rattling around in my brain that I can even begin to formulate a proper update. I don't really feel like talking about the job search... but all the other topics relevant to my current state of mind seem to require too much introduction, and I can't find the time and focus required to deal with them here. As usual, I either fail at having a life, or at representing it reliably in this journal. Or both. Whatever.

Maybe I no longer NEED an online journal, and only keep trying to update it out of long-term habit?... Or maybe I only need it to vent about the tough or frustrating aspects of life... which probably makes people who read it see me as a negative person. But I am not (most of the time). I just don't usually feel the urge to write about positive things. Because writing about them doesn't fulfill any therapeutic function. As someone cleverly put it in a song, "Happy people have no stories". When I am deeply absorbed in something beneficial or fulfilling, it seems pointless to dissect it in an LJ post. If that makes sense. Anyway... it's getting late, and clearly I am not actually going to say anything worthwhile, so I might just as well shut up. *shrug*
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